Overseas finna tell from a distance

We, Finns, believed to be reliable and hardworking people, our capacity to innovate and knowledge of languages are at the highest level and from year to year are getting better. It gives a reason for pride and joy.

However, in the year that marks the centenary of our independence and are at the centre of international attention, we should not forget about the one amazing fact: traveling around the world, we still remain remarkably insular people. A friend of mine who works in the airline claims that they can learn Finnish traveller from afar posture — or lack of it.

Why do we cringe and try to look invisible mice? Why panic, just as the stranger opens his mouth or jumps in the same Elevator? I recently asked in the hotel Elevator one Finn what restaurant Breakfast. At this question his eyes widened in horror, as if asking: “is She talking to me?”

My beautiful half working at the front Desk in an Italian hotel, says that Finnish customers first, hide behind the corner and only then say Hello.

In Italy even a Finnish introvert have to leave your comfort zone, when in a grocery store a short-sighted old man asks him to find a package with salt. Or when the seller asks to get forgotten at the checkout olives customer off the street. Even me, the author of this article, was running when I left the cashier your card. Helping others in Italy — natural phenomenon, this is not surprising.

Not necessarily all be talkers or jokers. But when such good manners, as words of gratitude, apologies, and greetings are not the natural norm of conduct, it makes sense to think that something is wrong. Do not put yourself above others, but to be humiliated is also not necessary.