The doctors called a factor, which provokes problems with potency

The world was shocked by the results of a new study by American oncologists. According to them, these rather common diseases of the oral cavity as periodontal disease and periodontitis, can lead to various forms of cancer. In particular, it increased risk of tumours of oesophagus, oral cavity, and mammary glands. Therefore, this source of inflammation in the mouth was more dangerous than believed so far, writes

In the background, explain the experts, so if there is a loss of one on later, if not properly treated, may start a chain reaction. The problem is that we are talking about the source of the infection, which blood flow begins to spread and affect other organs. In this respect, the danger is even patients of carious teeth. Indeed, over time this leads to disease of periodontal tissues, gingivitis develops, then generalized periodontitis. But this disease in a chronic condition is often diagnosed even in young people.


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But that’s not all the possible risks, because the infection does not stop, then under attack is your cardiovascular system. And, worst of all, there is a risk that the causative agent, weakening the immune system, will provoke development of oncological processes.

Experts said: if the oral cavity develops inflammation, it means that the body appears stable and powerful source of infection that begins to spread down the blood vessels. So threatened, in particular, the lungs and heart. And if the infection gets prostate men, this leads to the development of prostatitis, which threatens, in particular, the emergence of problems with potency.

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