Scientists have discovered what substance protects against breast cancer

The study, which was conducted over 14 years among more than a million people, showed that women with high cholesterol levels are significantly less likely to develop cancer of the breast, and if this occurs something as likely to die from this disease. The scientific results were presented at the Congress of the European society of cardiology (European Society of Cardiology), held in Spain, and the authors of the report have linked lowered risk of cancer that usually this group of patients prescribed statins, according to

The senior author was Dr. Raul Potluri (Rahul Potluri) of Aston University (Aston University, UK). The specialist explained that earlier he and his colleagues have found a connection between high levels of blood cholesterol and reduced risk of developing breast cancer, so the team decided to continue research in this area.

Scientists have used information from the extensive database collected from 2000 to 2013. In total, this database was recorded data from more than 1.2 million patients, of which 16043 women aged 40 years and older with a high concentration of cholesterol in the body. This sample was compared with the control, which was the same number of women of the same age but with normal cholesterol levels. The researchers compared the incidence of breast cancer and mortality in both groups.


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It turned out that women from the first group – high cholesterol – cancer breast cancer 45% less, and if still sick, it was dying from it by 40% less. Lead author of the scientific work of Paul Carter (Paul Carter) said that, based on previously published scientific works and research involving animals, scientists have concluded: the risk of developing the disease reduce it statins.