The perfect vacation: how to prepare and rest well

Summer and beach season very soon and for many will begin a long-awaited vacation. How to prepare for it, to get the maximum benefit and have a good rest, says

To vacation went well, need to finish all work, the question that you are then not distracted on vacation, and to find a balance between personal needs and the need to be constantly connected.

Prepare to leave

Once you have planned a vacation, start a little to prepare for it. Close all tasks. If they cannot close, prepare everything to ensure that it could make your assistant or colleague.

Tidy mail. Perhaps in your absence you need access to any emails or contacts.

Instruct the colleague who will replace you on vacation. Give details of what, when and in what order you need to do, so he wouldn’t have to distract you, and you are worried about the outcome of his work.

Don’t forget to warn about the care of those employees who often need to contact you for work. Maybe there is some sense to hold a conversation, to clarify the necessary points.

Take care of force majeure

Of course, is to forget about work at least for a while. But if you are the only expert in the company in your direction, you can’t just disappear for a week. Understanding the head is unlikely to distract you on minor issues. However, in the case of force majeure or emergency situation, he may need your help.

Therefore agree with the boss about how you can be contacted. You may be able to communicate at a particular time, to meet in Skype or by mail, if need be.


On vacation need a break from work, social networking, negotiation, sales and accounts. No matter: you flew in a hot country, went Hiking in the woods, went to the cottage, just at home sleeping — enjoy this moment fully. Don’t think about customers, reports, analyses, plans. Remember that you already took care of it all before leaving, so you have nothing to fear and worry.

After all, to work efficiently, you need to make pauses which will help to return to work with renewed vigor.