A Russian fighter jet flew six metres from US Navy aircraft

Russian fighter su-27 flew six meters away from the reconnaissance aircraft of the US Navy P-8A Poseidon. The incident occurred on may 9 over the Black sea. The US Navy aircraft carried out normal operations in international airspace, said the press Secretary of the US Navy in Europe Pamela Kunz (Pamela Kunze).

She added that the approaching aircraft was safe and the crews professional. According to her, the American and Russian military aircraft and ships interact on a regular basis in international waters and airspace, and in most cases their interaction is safe and professional.

However, the distance of six meters between the aircraft is considered to be extremely close and dangerous. In the past the us military was called dangerous cases, when the aircraft during the approach was and at much greater distance than this time. But for an accurate assessment of each case is necessary to consider a number of factors, including speed, altitude above sea level, and other indicators.



According to the defense Ministry, the incident occurred may 9 at about 12:00 Moscow time. The Russian military said that the means of control of air space over neutral waters of the Black sea, then discovered approaching the state border of the Russian Federation air target. “To intercept targets in the air was raised fighter su-30 from the composition of the active-duty air defense forces of the southern military district”, — said Russian military.

The online edition of Business Insider in January 2015 was published the video, which filmed a similar meeting patrol NATO aircraft Lockheed P-3 Orion with the Russian su-27 fighter. The incident happened over the Baltic sea. According to the source who sent the video, it was filmed in November 2014 aboard a Portuguese patrol aircraft P-3 Orion. The record shows that as a fighter approaching NATO aircraft to starboard, and then steps aside.