TOP 5 foods that are not re-heat

Products which have useful properties, it is not always possible to warm up. The reason for this is that the product can shift from useful to useless and even harmful.

The food was not the cause of poisoning or stomach problems, it is important to know what products it is undesirable to heat up again.

TOP 5 foods that cannot be heated again from


Celery is useful product for health, and for the figure. The more useful it is composed of spicy soups and purees. But their positive properties the product saves up to the point while it again will not heat up. And all because the celery contains nitrates that are safe for use of the product raw and cooked, but reheated, these nitrates are converted into toxic nitrites and carcinogenic substances which can affect the formation of tumors.


With mushrooms, the situation is so difficult – despite the large amount of protein, amino acids and vitamins, some species may be poorly absorbed by the body. But the primary preparation and use of mushrooms in the hot or cold problems should arise. But if you warm up the prepared mushrooms again, useful product can be a lot of damage because protein will change its structure, which can lead to bloating, stomach cramps and sharp pains. Scientists say that heat prepared meals with mushrooms is not dangerous only up to 70 °C.

3.Eggs in any form

Of course, there is hardly a people, warming the eggs, but just in case, better to warn when re-heating, this product can also be toxic. Here is the same principle as with the vegetable protein contained in mushrooms.


All of a sudden fans of stews, groten and mashed potatoes. During the primary heat treatment of potato starch splits into harmless compounds. But in the secondary heated the potatoes disintegrated compounds starch can cause botulism (especially if you heat it in foil). Therefore, gastroenterologists recommend to eat mashed potatoes, fried potatoes and pudding immediately after cooking. By the way, for the same reason, it is better to give up French fries from fast food establishments.

5. Chicken

Oddly enough, but the chicken is also better not to warm up. The secondary heating of dishes from chicken the protein structure is broken and all that was so useful for our body suddenly “goes to the dark side”. Scientists say that the warming of the chicken dishes is one of the main causes of gastritis and other digestive problems.