Zabuzhko explained the need to ban “hybrid” books from Russia

Oksana Zabuzhko believes the restriction on the importation of books manufactured in Russia, it is absolutely warranted in the context of a hybrid war. About his attitude to this innovation, she said in an interview with “Apostrophe”.

“You really think that in Russia all was good and in the winter of 2013, Putin suddenly went crazy? Let me tell you something I will explain on the “books produced in Russia” with a simple example. My life was a very momentous moment in 2008, I stopped to write Russian journal “Foreign literature”. Magazine, with whom I grew up who was always in the house, which was signed by my parents before I was born. But in the USSR it was the “window to the world” – and here after all, freedom of speech, access to the original open – and I had the opportunity to observe from year to year getting worse censored in Russia, for example, translations of American and British innovations as they receive something that the original did not exist or had a different meaning…” said Zabuzhko.

She also noted that she became a writer of “international League”, that is, an insider having information about the world literary process first hand.

“And one time it was even amusing to read in “the Foreigner” in their analytical article about some international writers forums where she spoke to see how they are biased and serves the material, how to manipulate, how stupid is lying to the reader. This is not literary journalism is crap, propaganda is based on those who are not able to verify the facts,” – said the writer.

“I finished off, I remember in one article “the eternal city of the Russian Empire – Tallinn, Riga, Warsaw, Chernivtsi, Lviv”. Lions! The age-old Russian town! This, I repeat, back in 2008, then I do not renew”, she added.

According to the writer, to date, the Russian publishing machine “is fully under the control of the authorities, consider yourself turned into the Department of the FSB.”

“Today the Russian market is a vendor (or peddler) primarily toxic, poisoned information, so to speak, “hybrid books.” In General, do not drink from this hooves, dude. If so, it seems, “neutral” sector, as translations of contemporary foreign literature and methods of their presentation, the infected, what to speak of a direct anti-Ukrainian propaganda? And don’t believe when you say that because of this the Moscow “curb” are you supposed to open another “window of the world”, – it has long been “a window into the antiworld” in complete darkness and madness system. Want to know the world learn English,” concluded Zabuzhko.

We will remind, earlier known Ukrainian writer Oksana Zabuzhko said the ban of the SBU to enter Yulia Samoilova in Ukraine, which was to represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest 2017.