Year-old girl accidentally photographed with a poisonous snake

In the Australian state of Victoria, the woman made the threat my two year old daughter. During shooting, the woman was seen near her daughter crawling a large poisonous snake, reports the Daily Mail.

When Bianca Dickinson said that about her daughter Molly is net brown snake, it just froze.

According to her, she saw the reptile, which crawled across the field of rye. But seeing Australian venomous animal froze, so as not to draw attention to the girl who also did not move, posing for photos.

When the snake was out of sight, Dickenson took Molly to the side. Later, looking at the images, she found that while shooting the creeper was next to the girl.

“This frame still drives me a heart attack,” said the mother of the child.

In facebook she posted a picture with his daughter and a poisonous snake.