The resignation of Komi only heightens suspicions in Russia

The sudden decision of the President trump the resignation of FBI Director James Comey will attract even more attention to the issue, which the President so carefully avoids. That question is, did trump contacts Michael Flynn and his other assistants with Russia.

The approval of the White house that trump fired Komi for the inept investigation of mail, Hillary Clinton, very improbable in the same degree as the statement of the team trump on the February resignation of Flynn. Sources say that the White house kept talking about the dismissal of Komi before the inauguration. It is unclear why he pulled the trigger right now; however, there is talk that the FBI agents on Tuesday evening, was stunned and upset, and even those who doesn’t like Komi.

The resignation of Komi enhances the mystery that stands at the heart of things Flynn: why trump had not responded to Flynn’s warning about relationships with Russia? Why didn’t he listen to President Barack Obama, who was against his dismissal? Why trump waited 18 days, and only then fired his national security adviser, listening to the insistent statements that Flynn could be blackmailed?

After the resignation of Komi critics will surely take up the study of the most controversial theories of the case about Flynn and about Russia. The obvious reason slowness of trump may lie in the fact that he already knew about the conversation Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on the subject of sanctions, which took place on 29 December, and was aware that Flynn misrepresented his conversation with Kislyak during a conversation with the new Vice-President Mike Pence.

It is possible that the Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador in such a critical moment, when the United States wanted to punish Russia for meddling in the election of 2016, was a violation of the Logan Act, which prohibits private procedure during a confrontation with another country. It was a “controversial act”, as expressed by former acting attorney General Sally Yates (Sally Yates), giving Monday your exciting testimony.

But the call Kislyak was not a felony. It is possible even that it may not be the subject of legal proceedings. Trump could on 29 December to say that Flynn said Kislyak, in the hope of preventing Russia’s retaliatory measures after the introduction of that day of us sanctions. Trump Dec 30, did not mince words when he called the failure of Putin’s retaliatory sanctions as an “excellent move”. Is it possible that trump didn’t speak to Flynn before you place in your network is this tweet?

Trump is digging its own grave ever since we started to have problems with Russia. It’s a very strange demeanor. Maybe trump did nothing wrong in the relations with Russia, but why is he stood in a protective stance?

In the book called “follow the lie” (Spy the Lie) group of former intelligence officers talks about behavioural and linguistic clues indicating that the person is cheating. Interestingly, many of these things are evident in the answers trump questions about the secret Russian interference in American politics.

In the list of former spies tips featured such things as “go on the offensive”, “inappropriate questions”, “inconsistent statements” and the use of qualifications like “frankly”, “honestly” and “the whole truth”. The authors note that if the person is innocent, he answers all questions simply and directly.

The resignation of Komi brings the country to the threat of conflict looming on the horizon since then, as he heard allegations about possible links trump and his associates with Russian covert operation impact, which Komi Republic investigating since July.

Now trump will appoint a new Director of the FBI, whose tasks will include the investigation of the trump. Attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions, withdrew from participation in the investigation about the Russian intervention, is now criticized for the fact that he has not fulfilled his promise, dismissing the man who headed this investigation.

The most delicate task in this dark history stands in front of the Deputy General Prosecutor rod Rosenstein (Rod J. Rosenstein). His many praise, calling unshakable person. But his long and rambling letter in which he supported the resignation of Komi, more like an essay on the civics than on the statement of the lawyer. Blaming Komi, Rosenstein refers to a long list of newspaper articles and official statements.

For the newcomer to high office in the Ministry of justice, Rosenstein has shown quite a strange persistence. “The FBI is unlikely to restore the confidence of the society and of the Congress, until it will be headed by a Director who understands the seriousness of mistakes and promises, and seeking to avoid them in the future. Refusing to admit their mistakes, Komi Republic is unlikely to take the necessary steps to remedy the situation”.

If the new FBI Director truly free to pursue Komi Republic investigation? Can the FBI restore its credibility in circumstances where it’s torn apart by political divisions, slander, and gossip? Whether the Ministry of justice to finish the case of Russia? The Congress has already maturing sentiment in favor of independent investigations that is the most reasonable way to restore public confidence after the scandal.