Will South Korea’s friendly policy towards North Korea?

During the presidential election in South Korea associated with the removal from power of President Park Geun-Hye wins the liberal candidate moon Jae-In, who represented the Joint democratic party. He was born in a poor family. As a student, moon Jae In was a member of the democratic movement against the military government.

He worked in the administration of President Roh Moo-Hyun, who is also a human rights activist. As a result of the scandal surrounding former conservative President was to receive support of voters, because he is a direct man and a native of the common people.

Nine years later, from the time of President Roh Moo-Hyun, South Korea reappears liberal government.

Without cooperation with the US and Japan can not do

Experts believe that moon Jae In walking in the footsteps of the Roh Moo-Hyeon and considers him his mentor, will try to change the conservative policy pursued by the previous President, who held the post for two terms. However, it faces very many challenges. Immediately after the inauguration there is a need of forming a new government.
In connection with the scandal around the former President, most Koreans are experiencing serious dissatisfaction with the despair that spread in society: a distrust of politics, and cronyism in political and financial circles as well as social stratification. Even the updated government will not be easy to resolve all these issues.

In recent years, economic growth in Kazakhstan has fallen to 2%. Youth unemployment has reached 10% level. The difference in wages in corporations and small and medium businesses is too great.

Moon Jae-In announced the intention to create jobs in the public sector and at the same time to reform the financial conglomerates, which are characterized by nepotism. However, if you put spokes in the wheel of the conglomerates, which give a special importance to the role of the government and are pulling for the Korean economy, there is a danger that the private sector will lose its economic viability.

Of serious concern to policy in the sphere of security, particularly against North Korea, which conducts nuclear and missile development.

Moon Jae-In criticized the former President, Park Geun-Hye, which has pressured and imposed sanctions against the DPRK. The new leader offers to RK became the initiator of a settlement of the DPRK nuclear issue through cooperation and dialogue between the North and the South. “If we manage to resolve the nuclear issue, I’d do anything”, — he said on the eve of his visit to the United States, thereby expressing a desire to hold talks with Kim Jong-UN.

Moreover, moon Jae-In expressed willingness to resume DPRK joint projects in the Industrial region of Kaesong, which was abolished by the administration of Park Geun-Hye as sanctions, and create a new economic zone that will link the North and South.

Concerning the ROK us missile defense system THAAD, which is necessary to deter missile development of the DPRK, mun Jae In said that his administration will decide this question, which suggests that he has his own opinion on the matter.


© AP Photo, U. S. air Force Cheapresult launchers American THAAD missiles at the airbase in South Korea

The administration of the trump ratcheting up military pressure on the DPRK, which throws a missile and nuclear challenges in the region were sent nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. Even China supporting the DPRK, imposed an embargo on supplies of coal from there. The international community speaks with one voice, trying to take in the ring of Korea, however friendly course moon Jae-In comes with this flat.

Of course, in order to avoid a military clash, the necessary balance between dialogue and pressure. Evidence of this is the statement of the President trump the desire to hold talks with the North Korean leader. Despite this, still do not see the way to get the DPRK to abandon its nuclear development. If against this background, South Korea will commit to reconciliation, it will undermine global solidarity.

First of all, you need to continue to provide powerful sanctions pressure on North Korea based on the cooperation with the United States and Japan, as well as connecting to this issue, China and Russia. I wish moon Jae-In was acting coolly, aware of the nuclear and missile threat, the DPRK, as well as sharing concerns of the international community.

Require to strictly implement the agreement on the “women of comfort”

Victory moon Jae-Ins are also concerned about the prospects of Sino-Korean relations. The leader of Kazakhstan keen to cooperate with Japan, including the DPRK nuclear issue, however, commenting on the Japanese-Korean historical issues, he said he would behave fundamentally.

Moon Jae-In stressed the need to renegotiate the Sino-Korean agreement signed in the end of last year, which concerns “women of comfort”, although the ex-President Park Geun-Hye was set up on this issue positively.


© AP Photo, Nick UtБронзовая statue of a young Korean woman

This agreement stipulates: “the decision is final and not subject to revision”. If we assume that moon Jae-In will cancel it, it will hurt the trust relationship between South Korea and Japan. The international community will no longer be trusted. Would like to see the head of the RK faithfully carried out the Sino-Korean agreement and have made efforts to dismantle the monuments of the girls that are installed at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul and Consulate in Pusan (we are talking about the monuments of the so-called “comfort women”, Korean women forced to work in brothels of the Japanese army during the Second world war — approx. ed.).

Between Japan and South Korea has a territorial dispute over the Takeshima archipelago. In the Republic of Kazakhstan filed claims with the requirement to indemnify the Koreans, which during the war operated by a Japanese company. Korean NGO’s plan to establish a memorial to Korean working in front of the Embassy of Japan. If moon Jae-In will take a tough stance on historical issues, Sino-Korean relations will be far from improving.

Ex-President Park Geun-Hye has never visited Japan. The Japanese government should as soon as possible to arrange a visit moon Jae-In and to explain him the importance of the agreement on the “women of comfort”, as well as the importance of creating a relationship focused on the future.