Helsingin Sanomat (Finland): the Russian audience, Putin is elite

In recent days many articles have been written about the constitutional amendments and there is an important reason. Now these articles should not become less.

Political theater, started by Vladimir Putin in the beginning of the year, took a pause: the vote, the amendments entered into force. We have yet to see the new “view”, but you notice that the scenery has changed.

Now in Russia there is a Constitution in which conservative values are supported even more. On the basis of its content, the user sees Russia as a country which is trying to weaken the external force. The laws will allow Putin to stay as President as long as he wants it.

According to many experts, Putin’s main audience was the elite.

The elite have looked around and began to prepare for the time after Putin. Many have become less dependent on Putin, some feel freedom when Putin focused on foreign policy.

Of course, this development is poison to autocrat. And so the elite had to explain that such arguments and the training must stop. Putin surprised many members of the elite, a statement of the amendment and the nullification of their terms.

In this situation people the tool. Putin wanted to show the elite that he has the support of the people.

Tatiana Stanovaya, the Russian scientist, named three of the “truth” about the vote.

For Putin, the vote was a victory: he received the support of the people and the freedom to shape “their” Russia.

Elite, in turn, understands that there is no enthusiastic support from the President. The current trend worries the elite, after all, Vladimir Putin’s popularity is declining, and the future remains unclear. The strength of the position of Putin is based on coercion, and this principle can be applied to the elite.

Most Russians know that not all the amendments unequivocally bad, but people understand that his opinion, and especially not to ask. The growing percentage of the population believes Putin’s actions are ridiculous, people are tired of the current situation.

Many analysts have long talks about the implications of the amendments. It is expected that Putin will regret about the vote and its effect. Contrary to expectations, the amendments may cause damage to questions of legitimacy.

Probably. And now we live by the laws of the new Constitution and under the leadership of Putin who has forgotten about the imitation of democracy and adopting the amendments, proclaimed himself as the authoritarian leader.