Ukraine — not Georgia

“It’s going well. Just past”. (M. Zhvanetsky)


…International politics has many faces. It is always a system of checks and balances, messages and hints, above diplomatic and bureaucratic delays. Yes, it is bureaucratic delays. If someone thinks that the European Union or NATO is not a bureaucratic organization, they are deeply mistaken. Especially the EU with its three not always agile “heads” in the form of the European Parliament, the European Commission and Council of Europe. Any decision has a political dimension. But international law and jurisprudence are often used for reasoned interpretations of its decisions. Moreover, the EU as generous advances exhortations and promises, so stingy in their implementation. Especially when they have direct benefits, but rather is fraught with problems.

Senior EU officials are able to flirt with the ones who are in the same channel, and be tough with those who are fooling them. The situation with granting visa-free regime with Schengen countries for Georgia and Ukraine is quite revealing in this aspect. Our state almost simultaneously arrived at the start in this race. We even last years was a little ahead. Especially when the Ukraine was the Maidan, and in Georgia, came to power Pro-Russian forces. And given that Russia has occupied the Crimea and unleashed military actions in the Donbas, the attitude of officials of the European Union to Georgia has become more ambiguous. While a completely open Pro-European rhetoric of Ukrainian authorities was to be a pledge of visa-free break…

Almost all 2015 and 2016 was held in anticipation of the so-called buswise. Why is it called? Yes, because it is not about the abolition of visas to visit countries of the Eurozone. It is only liberalization, that is, the simplification of the visa regime. And that is with serious reservations and caveats. We were promised the liberalization many times, constantly shifting the next date. Our diplomacy constantly talked about their new victories and political arrangements. Ukraine has fulfilled all the new requirements of the EU, has enacted laws and created new state institutions, such as NABOO, NAPC and others. However, despite the favorable political situation and the constant promises from the first persons of European politicians to provide Ukraine with the liberalization, something did not grow together, and the time is constantly postponed. It is clear that Europeans are very confused by the country, mired in corruption.


However, I do not think that these Pacific countries, like Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vanuatu, along with Saint Lucia, have a less corrupt government and more democratic institutions. But these mini-States received bezviz with the European Union in may 2015. Is this not double standards and approaches. It is clear that the situation with the open and uncontrolled border with Russia, and also a huge number of unregistered weapons, can not cause anxiety and concern in Europe. It is clear that the ambiguous political situation and the constant threat of the next Maidan will cause only negative emotions.

Moreover, the influx into Europe of Syrian refugees and a constant threat of terrorism also do not play for us. Moreover, the level of street crime and banditry in Ukraine, unfortunately, is growing. And the level of competition and freedom of business has been steadily falling all rating studies. In addition, the lack of real and fundamental reforms in our country against the background of constant brave statements of our politicians have given the EU a great chance to delay the solution of our question. The European Union is well aware of the fact that Ukraine reigns oligarchy and thriving economic monopoly. And about the ability of European political institutions to engage in covert bureaucracy we have already spoken. And on top of this note pattern is another factor. The economies of most European countries today experiencing serious difficulties. Many countries are dissatisfied with the economic policy of the European Union, took the UK’s exit from the Eurozone as a call to action, and therefore European politicians feared “parade of sovereignty” and a split in Europe. And because they believe that the provision bezveza for Ukraine can strengthen these processes, and may exacerbate the instability factor, thereby bringing the continent’s new challenges. And the Russian factor should not be discounted.

As for Georgia, despite the fact that the authorities there are Pro-Russian forces, the European Parliament, under the leadership of a new Chairman, the Italian Antonio Tajani, has decided to provide visa-free format. The Georgians demonstrated serious practical results in the fight against corruption, held and consolidated the economic reforms and managed to convince Europe of security for them. Tribute should be paid to Georgian diplomacy. They are without superfluous noise and pathos worked in Europe and managed to lobby for their country’s decision. By the way, it can be noted that European Council President Donald Tusk and head of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has also always been reticent in respect of Georgia. It would seem that all attention is focused on Ukraine. Nevertheless, Tbilisi and Kiev received bezviz. We also remain another promise and another hope. Of course, diplomatic language showed us his attitude and priorities. 40 million state, in a state of permanent political crisis and social tension, is the factor of irritation and desire to stand apart. Simply put, it is a clear signal to our government about the need to more adequately react to modern challenges. Economic, financial and political. Especially against the background that the political parties of the European Union will undergo major changes. And because our diplomats should not miss in their actions and do not make the wrong choice of strategy and partners. And not to repeat their mistakes. And the Ukrainian authorities need to realize that game of cat and mouse ended and the time had come for decisive action and systemic reforms. Will be able to demonstrate their willingness to be in the common European political and humanitarian space, including from the point of view of security and control — get to fly a positive signal from Brussels.