The Russians experienced in the sea of new carrier-based helicopter

In Russia experienced combat reconnaissance and attack helicopter carrier-based Ka-52K “Katran”, developed on the basis of Ka-52 “alligator”. The helicopter successfully passed the first stage of sea trials, reports “Popular Mechanics”.

Currently in service with the Russian Navy there is no universal attack helicopters, which are able to strike both on sea and ground targets. The new Ka-52K is planned to be used for patrol, fire support to troops at landing ashore, solving problems of antilanding defense at the forefront and tactical depth.

It is noted that “Katrana” has already completed the first stage of sea trials and are now on the basis of JSC “Kamov”, where engineers are evaluating the condition of the helicopters and their individual units after the execution of tasks in difficult climatic conditions. In sea trials in late 2016 to early 2017, was attended by two helicopters Ka-52K. The results of the tasks of the test was deemed successful.

From “Alligator” Ka-52K is characterized by having a shortened collapsible wing, which was modified by the placement of heavy weapons, as well as the mechanism of folding blades for compact arrangement in the hold. Reduced size of “Katran” allows to increase the maximum number of placed on the ship, helicopters, and armored cockpit and ejection system will ensure the safety of the pilots.

In addition, in the design of the Ka-52K is provided a set of rescue devices to save people in distress at sea. Another feature of “Katran” is the use of corrosion resistant materials due to the need of operation of the helicopter in conditions of humid Maritime climate. The helicopter is equipped with centralized fueling and upgraded the air conditioning system to allow venting escape suit crew members.

In addition, the Ka-52K is additionally installed radio system of near navigation, which was not used in the basic model. Results of the tests on the developers came to the conclusion that helicopters are suitable for use in aircraft carriers, for example, as the base weapons of a heavy aviabearing cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”.