In the investigation reported how many occupation troops in the Donbas

The number and types of occupation forces in recent years have not changed much

Russia is not only concentrating huge forces on the border with Ukraine, but also has an impressive army in the occupied part of Donbass – more than two thousand units of various military equipment and tens of thousands of personnel. This was told in an interview to “Today,” the representative of the Main Department of the Ministry of defence Vadim Skibitsky.

According to him, the configuration of the Russian occupation forces in the so-called “L/DNI” remains without any changes from January 2016.

“Created and operate the first and second army corps, staff number which is around 35.5 thousand people, 480 tanks, 860 armored vehicles, 940 artillery systems and mortars, 200 MLRS. It is known that in 2016, there has been increased artillery were additionally introduced anti-tank artillery system. We constantly note the maintenance of the quantity of armament and combat readiness. For example, our fighters destroyed two enemy self-propelled guns, and definitely soon Russia will be taken to a new artillery systems,” said Skibitsky.

Also in the Donbass imported cadets of military schools, in particular intelligence spotted these “students” of the artillery Academy of Saint Petersburg.

“They always were there in 2017-2018 and really practice in combat conditions. Especially it concerns teachers, because the teacher should share his experience. By the way, those generals and officers who first came to the Donbass, has seriously risen up the career ladder. They are now at least the army commanders, Deputy regional commanders, they are in the top military echelon”, – said the representative of the Gur.

As reported “Today”, informed the former US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt noted that at the Donbass Russian tanks more than all of Western Europe.

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