The demolition of the Moscow buildings have to pick at the scab

Moscow — dozens of residents are freezing in the Park in front of cracked facades.

“Many want to develop. Not necessarily all should be against the renovation,” says independent politician Sergey Bocharov, who stands for the technical inspection of the houses.

Most of those who hears it is configured is critical. One of the thousands of protesters in social networks — Sergey Platonov.

“I don’t want to see any changes. We are talking about our cultural heritage”

In 1983, Sergey lived in the same five-storey building nearby, which is now all but a single family, against the renovation program.

The ruling party “United Russia” is trying to attract voters renovations, says Sergey, who perhaps can’t afford to stay and live in the same house, if the restoration will be done.

“This may be part of Putin’s campaign and the mayor. But people distrust”.

The five-story building there throughout the former Soviet Union, they were built during the reign of Nikita Khrushchev in the early 1960-ies to solve the housing shortage in crowded cities, hence the name “Khrushchev”.

It is unclear what type of dwellings will replace the five-story building of this resettlement program, which can be called the biggest in the history of Russia.

On 20 April, the lower house of Parliament, the Russian Duma passed a bill that gives the authorities extensive powers to carry out decisions concerning millions of people. Regardless of how they live, many were furious because of this new bill — which facilitates the demolition of houses and forced relocation.

The bill may be in conflict with Federal law

The day before the bill was considered in the Duma, more than a hundred people were crowded in informational meeting with officials of the Presnensky district.

“You want to evict us from our homes! Repair, but not build more expensive housing,” says one woman.

House demolitions occur for a long time. More than 1,300 buildings were demolished in 2012. Now the process has been activated again — about 1.6 million, may be forced to move.

Moscow plans to buy a ready apartment for further settlement, which may lead to an increase in property prices. According to Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the relocation will cost at least 300 billion rubles.

Many Muscovites are afraid that they will have to move away from their current locations.

Officials program can be on hand

“Do not think that the program adopted for mass demolition. The city doesn’t have resources for it. The program adopted to reduce the cost to builders of individual houses. Some developers can receive bribes,” says Andrei Movchan, Director of the Economic policy program of the Carnegie Moscow Center, the newspaper SvD.

President Vladimir Putin plays the role of a good king and says he will not sign the law if he is contrary to the rights of citizens. According to Putin, no one will be forced to relocate.

The struggle for the five-story building has obvious political overtones. Many Muscovites who have received flats, expect power again stretched hand. Not everyone is ready to be left in the lurch with their housing.

In front of his house in the Presnensky district pensioner Galina exchanged a few words with her husband. She lived in the same apartment since the construction of the house in 1959, and trust to the mayor Sobyanin.

“Let the house demolished, I want to see the new Moscow”

Friend Galina, a 70-year-old Tatiana, I agree with her.

“The authorities will do everything in their power to see that no one was on the street. I want to live close to the theatre and refuse to move somewhere far away.”

The house of the owner of housing, interior designer Marianne Naumenko (Marianna Naominka) living in the same area, think otherwise. She prepares meals in her three-pointer, worried about the eviction.

“The project is cloaked under renovation, and it is about to repossess the apartment. I will fight for their homes until the very end,” says Marianne, who thinks that many are interested to protect their right of ownership.

A large programme of demolition has split Moscow

During Joseph Stalin most of the population lived in the barracks and overcrowded apartments with shared kitchens and toilets.

Since then, as came to power, Nikita Khrushchev, the government began to build low-cost housing with the aim to provide every family its own apartment. Between 1955 and 1964, about 54 million people got their apartments, that is, about a quarter of the population of the Soviet Union.

Since 2010 the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, he initiated several major projects for the development of the city. Spent the renovation of Gorky Park, one million square meters of city streets were repaired in the amount of $ 120 million. The program of renovation of five-story building was the largest of all the projects. Estimated 1.6 million people may be resettled. The mayor promised that people will move to a modern and energy efficient home. On April 26 the Council discussed whether to change the city budget in connection with the resettlement program. The proposed changes could lead to the fact that the annual budget deficit will reach 96.5 million rubles. To the month of July residents can vote whether they want to become part of the program. The demolition will be carried out only after all the tenants agree.

Newspaper SvD has reviewed part of the survey. The program can maintain 80% of the residents of the five-story, 70% believe that their houses can get in line for demolition. The accuracy of these surveys is difficult to assess, as at the time of publication of this article were interviewed, not all residents.

SvD applied to the mayor’s office for comment.