Diplomacy in Central Asia: to build a solid relationship with respect to Russia and China

Central Asia occupies an important geopolitical position between Russia and China. Build strategic relations with countries in the region have a positive impact on Japan’s diplomacy toward Russia and China.

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida (Fumio Kishida) visited Turkmenistan, where was held the sixth meeting of foreign Ministers of the five Central Asian countries.


The fact that the 25-anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations with these countries, which gained independence after the Soviet collapse, the parties issued a joint statement declaring cooperation in various spheres is of great importance.

In the first statement refers to the North Korean problem. The foreign Ministers harshly criticized the nuclear test and launches of ballistic missiles: “It is a serious threat to peace and security in the region and around the world.”


From the five countries of Central Asia, including Kazakhstan establishes diplomatic relations with the DPRK. We can say that United’s tough stance on the DPRK is a manifestation of the fact that relations with Japan have deepened.

It is also important to expand the fundamental cooperation in the sphere of politics and Economics and to achieve in this direction of concrete results.

In Kazakhstan many oil and uranium, in Turkmenistan — natural gas and other resources. However, these countries are in the centre of the continent, there are many steep mountains and deserts. In the development of industry can not do without the extension of the logistics infrastructure and training.

Minister Kishida announced that Japan will allocate for the construction of roads, railway lines and airports about 24 billion yen. Also in the next five years will be recruited for transport and logistics, government officials and students in the amount of about two thousand people.

Strengthening the relationship between Japan, which has no natural resources, and the Central Asian countries that seek economic growth and avoiding energy dependence, will bring dividends to both parties.

In all five countries the main religion is Islam. They coexist with Afghanistan, where is the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). Japan needs to cooperate with international organizations and to put more effort into border control and counter-terrorism.

Historically, Russia has a strong influence on Central Asia. In recent years, Central Asian countries are rapidly increasing their trade with China.

China, Russia and Central Asian countries included in the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO), conduct joint exercises, strengthening military Alliance. As for the economy, Russia proposed the idea of the Eurasian economic Union and China’s “one belt, one road”. Between Russia and China competition intensifies.

While Moscow and Beijing are opposed to the free and democratic world order, which declared the West and Japan. It is important to avoid excessive slope of Central Asia towards Russia and China. This is a common task for Japan, USA and Europe.

Central Asia is also concerned about the growing dependence of China on Russia. Japan needs to correctly perceive these concerns. It is necessary to cooperate with the US and Europe and facilitate an open and stable development of Central Asia.