The court of Ukravtodor: who will pay for the repair of the car due to “leaky” roads

Because of the deterioration of Ukrainian roads every third motorist at least once, but there’s a major failure. Every second declared minor damage, said the results of the survey Damage because of the pits can reach tens of thousands of hryvnia. But only a few car owners go to court for compensation of losses. The website “Today” figured out how to compensate the loss, if the machine broke down due to “leaky” roads.

What kind of damage the holes cause the car

The Cossack Bogdan Gorobec over the last year had to repair Renault Logan three times. “A month ago when I saw the hole and entered. First, only noticed the bruising on the left rear disk and a hefty “hernia” on the bus. Later found the same damage on the front wheel. Immediately became hurt — okay my fault got. Traveling at a speed of 50-60 km/h. had to pay ten thousand for repair”, – complains a motorist.

In 2013, every third driver complained of serious vehicle breakdowns related to poor condition of the roads, and 47% said minor damage, according to the above survey.

The Manager of the service station Oiler Alexander Rabcow says: because of the pits are often broken shocks, bent brake discs and damaged tires. Repair a single failure can cost the car owner from 1.5 thousand to 10 thousand UAH.

“Because of the pits may fall off the wheel, the car to turn over. The most banal that breaks is the shock absorbers. The cost of a pair an average of 5 thousand hryvnia, plus work 800. Because of the well can “get” in the amount of about seven thousand hryvnias. You often have to change tires on average for one wheel 2, 5 thousand hryvnia, plus the tire. In the end, the 3-4 thousand it would cost. If the problem is in the stabilizers then it is another fifteen hundred. It all depends on what degree of damage to the vehicle,” – says Alexander Rabcow.

The national police in the annual report notes, for example, that in 2013 there were 114 accidents with victims because of the condition of the roads, in 2014-m – 102, and in 2016 their number decreased dramatically – to 10. However, failure because of the pits Ukrainians rarely make out as an accident and do not go to court. While roads in the country are worn by 95%, and the area of the holes reaches 12-18 million sq. m. If the pit is to collect in one area it would compare with the city of Zhmerynka in Vinnytsia region.

How to get compensation for damage to machine

The law of Ukraine “About highways”, which guarantees the right drivers for safe and comfortable travel. It also gives the right to claim damages for damage to vehicles due to poor roads or uncleared of snow. If the car broke down in the city, to demand compensation should the local road service on the regional road – Oblavtodor, national or international importance – the “Ukravtodor”.

Because of the pits on the roads cars lose wheels. Photo: A. Iskritskaya, “Today.”

Bogdan Gorobec decided not to apply to the court for redress because they do not believe in the decision in his favor. However, lawyer accident Valentin Krushinsky says that to repair the damage possible.

“If there was a breakdown, you need to stop the car and photograph or shoot video of the pit and damage. Then call the police and representatives of road service. Upon arrival, they make the act. Then apply to the court to act of the police, confirming that the failure happened due to the road condition, check repair and photos”, – said the lawyer.

To win in court against the road builders, you need to:

  • to find witnesses, write down their name, phone numbers. The witnesses will come down and passengers;

  • call the police;

  • before the arrival of the inspectors to put the sign on an emergency stop and not to touch anything, a car with no place to move;

  • to photograph and remove on video the pit, the site roads, damaged car;

  • to make sure the police during the mapping of the accident indicated the size of the potholes on the road;

  • ask the police to call the road service, which is responsible for this stretch of road. Road workers must be the act of inspection of land road network. If Avtodor on the call, no one came, it is stated in the police act;

  • estimate car repair service station or the store receipt.

Road service will not compensate the damage, if the road was installed the sign warning “rough road”. The police can arrange an accident at the fault of the driver, so you need to keep track of what record the police.