Cyber attacks a year “robbed” the world on $ 450 billion

Companies worldwide lost about $ 450 billion in 2016 due to cyber attacks.
This was reported and the study of the insurance market Lloyd’s of London.

The report provides average figures, since the real scale of the consequences from such attacks is difficult to calculate.

According to the study, one attack on the cloud service providers and their customers, which will lead to the disruption of work of the enterprises, the world economy could lose $ 4.6 billion.
If we are talking about a major attack, this figure may amount to 53.1 billion dollars.

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If a cyber attack will last long and will be amazed network the greater part of the organizations, the damage can reach 121,4 billion. But if the attack is infected by a computer network which is used by companies around the world, the damage to the economy can range from 9.7 billion to 28.7 billion dollars.

Recall, 27 June, Ukraine was the largest hacker attack. Virus Petya.A, which has encrypted all the data on the computer and demanded ransom, was struck by a network of several organizations, including the state. According to ESET, the Ukraine had most of the virus attacks Petya – 75,24% of all.