Decapitated “body” on the porch of a private house in the United States shocked passers-by

American law enforcement officers of the Greene County (Tennessee) has received many calls with the notification about the man crushed by the garage door. However, the police urged not to call 911 on the line, because the “corpse” was a dummy. About it reports a press-service of the local police Department on his page in Facebook.

The police claim that he had received a lot of calls about “a man who lies at the entrance to the garage with bloody fingerprints on the door.”

As it turned out, the “victim” was the backdrop for the Halloween holiday, which the home owners have set in advance. However, it was so realistic that people massively started to call the police.


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Militiamen found out that it was only stuffed with straw Scarecrow, therefore, urged citizens not to worry in vain, and engaged in more important matters.

“Attention all! For those passing on the highway Chucky pike in the County of green: is not the body, and the decorations. Do not call 911. Better congratulate the home owner with wonderful arrangement”, – stated in the page of the police on the network.

This extract not everyone liked it, many Americans write, write, that it’s not funny. “I almost got heart attack when I saw all this horror. You should be ashamed. Very ashamed, I suppose,” writes network the indignant woman.