Hezbollah Trump: Assad remains in Syria

The movement “Hezbollah” in Lebanon in response to the so-called four-stage plan of Donald trump announced that Bashar Assad will remain in Syria, and “not otherwise”, as the head of state.

Sheikh Naim Kasim, the Deputy Secretary of the movement “Hezbollah” in Lebanon, said in an interview with the newspaper “al-Akhbar”: “Bashar al — Assad- just as President… It is our unequivocal position. This problem (the problem of the removal of Assad from power) has now ended and Assad is the path to Syrian solution”.

This statement, which was made in response to the latest attacks by Western officials, particularly US President, Mr. Donald trump, in fact, was a veritable cold shower for the American leader, depriving him of any hope.

The President of the United States just in the last few weeks have tried the bitter taste of two defeats, one in the West Asia to Syria, the other on the Korean Peninsula, as it seems, finally stopped to let all the dust in the eyes of American omnipotence finally gave out on-mountain four-stage plan of the Syrian settlement. However, the most important points in it still remains the removal of Assad from power and politics, or, at least, non-participation in the following presidential election!

Kasim demanded from the USA and personally from trump, so they behave in relation to Syria, “clearer” and would identify their true intentions: not would play a role of intermediaries, like Turkey or Saudi Arabia, and would sit down at the negotiating table together with other participants of the negotiation process.

Deputy Secretary General of “Hezbollah” also called the missile a US strike on Syrian airbase Al-Sirat blow “limited power” and said that for the United States, it was much more political effect from these actions, rather than military-operational.

The plot, codenamed “Khan shaykhun”

The head of the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in conversation with his Chinese counterpart, suggested that the chemical attack and explosions of toxic substances in the vicinity of Khan shaykhun was a provocation and was part of a conspiracy of the West and Pro-Western forces against Bashar al-Assad, with the aim of removal of the latter from power. He said that the Western States were called upon to send in the neighborhood of Khan shaykhun military experts and specialists-chemists, so that they understood the true causes of the incident, but the leading Western States have not accepted the offer.

April 4, Tuesday, in the vicinity of Khan shaykhun, Idlib province, presumably as a result of the explosion, there was a spray of poisonous gas sarin, killing more than 100 people and injured about 200. After this incident, the U.S. struck Syrian airbase Al-Sirat missile attack, releasing the object 23 missiles. However, the attack proved inconclusive, and the Syrian army was soon again able to use the air base in their operations against terrorism.

Organization for proliferation of chemical weapons confirmed the use of sarin gas in the vicinity of Khan shaykhun.

Iran and Russia have also called for the establishment of an independent Commission that would investigate the incident in Khan Sheyhun. However, the appeal met with opposition from the UK and the USA.

The Statements Of Bashar Al-Assad

At the same time, as follows from an exclusive interview with Bashar al-Assad, which he gave for RIA of “news” concerning the events in Khan Sheyhun, the incident was a provocation specially planned with the participation of the United States and the group “al Qaeda” (banned in Russia — ed.). The Syrian armed forces carried out military operations in the area.

Thus, Assad called the incident in Khan Sheyhun very comfortable and suitable occasion for the United States, applying them to the missile attack on air base Al-Sirat. In this regard, the Syrian leader also said: “the Blow fell on the whole territory of the airbase and all the warehouses with ammunition and weapons, but, characteristically, as a result, no gas emissions were recorded. And so, about any use of gas [from the Syrian army] can’t be involved!”.

Regarding introduced after the incident, videos and photos, the Syrian President stressed: “Everything that you saw on the posted video and photo, which is about the same as last two years appeared in pictures taken of the “white helmets”. This organization has repeatedly provided pictures allegedly from areas of military action in Syria, but later became known that these images were not authentic. [The picture shows — approx. transl.] with that sleeping boy whom especially before covered with earth and poured a substance similar to blood, then to call him a victim of airstrikes, allegedly inflicted by the Syrian air force on residential areas. We have no doubt that it also had no relation to reality, and all that appeared on the video and the photographs were pre-staged, made to represent the incident as himataku. That is why there [in the West — approx. transl.] and tend not to pursue on this occasion a special investigation”.

“White helmets” is an organization, recognized as terrorist, which established a network of British intelligence MI-6, and its purpose is the same war against the official government in Damascus, which is under cover organizations established ostensibly to help civilians.

Al-Foy and Kafra

According to other reports, 35 buses carrying passengers — civilians from the Shiite villages of al-Fua and Kariya, left the occupied district of al-Rashidin in Aleppo. At the same time, according to the Tasnim news Agency, the militants prevented the passage of another 10 buses evacuating civilians.

As stated earlier, a Foie and Carii in Aleppo had to be taken in General to 3 000 people. They were all placed on 45 buses that have been on the road detained in the al-Rashidin. And 10 buses, the militants did not allow further travel.

Under the agreement signed by the government and the representatives of the militants, 8 000 people living in Foix and Kafra, had to be exchanged to 3800 armed militants and their families from 4 other localities. At the first stage of execution of the agreement, about 5 000 people, the inhabitants of Foix and Kafra was detained in al-Rashidin for 48 hours. Then one of the militants, in a car filled with explosives, has committed a suicide bombing, killing 100 civilians, of which at least 60 children. It is arranged by militants atrocity was condemned by the international community.