How to spend the eve of the Epiphany

Orthodox Christians 18 January – eve of Epiphany, the Epiphany, or Epiphany Eve is a day of special spiritual preparation for the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. As noted managing Director of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich), 18 and 19 January, the rite of the great blessing of water will be made in all the monasteries and temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, reports the information Center of the UOC.

“According to tradition, the feast of the Baptism of the Lord begins in the evening of January 18, all hymns all-night vigil dedicated to this event. Epiphany is preceded by a Vigil, Christmas Eve. In this day every believer to fast, to devote himself to spiritual experience and understanding of what was done for us by the Lord Jesus Christ. His baptism in the Jordan the Saviour initiated the sacrament of Baptism through which one is spiritually born to eternal life. Participating in worship services, we note that any holiday is experienced by the Christian as the event is happening now and specifically for each of us,” explained Metropolitan Anthony.

In the Eve of the Epiphany, after the Liturgy, the churches committed great blessing of water. The great blessing of water is called the special solemnity of the rite. However, Archbishop Anthony noted that the differences between water, consecrated on 18 and 19 January, does not exist. “Performed the same rite of the great blessing of water. Unfortunately, even among believers today, there are superstitions about it,” stated the Manager of UOC.

Speaking about the meaning of the holiday, Metropolitan Anthony reminded that Epiphany is also called the day of Epiphany.

“The basic meaning of the holiday – since then, the Lord opens to the world as the Messiah, this marks the beginning of His voluntary journey to the cross suffering. It is important to escape from the hustle and superstitious traditions. Baptism must not only be a campaign for water and the desire to plunge into the hole. For the believer this is not enough. You need to empathize with what was done for us by the Christ. It is important to thank God for the fact that we are not rejected for our sins. The Lord loves us as we are, because He knows our heart. It is important to be in Church to feel the atmosphere of worship. A new look at my life and pay more attention to the fact that the Lord gives each of us every day,” – said the Metropolitan Anthony.

According to the information Center of the UOC, the day of Epiphany, January 19, the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry will sanctify the water of the Dnipro river in the Obolon district of Kiev, near the Svyato-Pokrovsky Cathedral (St. prirechnaya, 5A). The ceremonial consecration of the waters of the Dnieper will start at about 12.00, after which Kiev will begin to bathe in the baptismal font.