On air operations in Iraq and Syria

Obviously, airstrikes on targets of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) in Syria and Iraq will have different consequences and long discussed. First of all, Turkey and his operation declared that the problem of PKK links Syria and Iraq together. Secondly, taking air operation, despite the current domestic and foreign political developments, Turkey has shown that it is serious about this threat. Finally, with this operation she found a way to check the “friendliness” of its allies.

The air operation was carried out in one of the most complex conflict zones in the world. So much so that trying to understand and explain using traditional approaches, the military demarcation line, the identity of actors, their priorities and interests is impossible. Further complicating the situation is that hand in hand, face to face in this civil war are local, regional and global players.

Operation Turkey has shown that its priorities in Syria began to change, and the problem of the PKK / Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) is seen as a “survival issue”. For example, today it is clear that the problem has reached a new stage. Groups and countries that support the PKK / PYD, primarily the United States, Turkey showed that the current scene is starting to test her patience and she can take risks, without fear of possible retribution.

The PKK is looking for ways to protect the opportunities she received at the other side of the border, and a “garrison state” that she is trying to create under given political patronage. On the one hand, she’s trying to mobilize their “partners”, conducting public diplomacy. Tells about the slowdown of operations in raqqa carried out against ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the rejection of it. John Dorrian (John Dorrian), representative of the coalition of States that wish to prevent this, says: “the Turkish aircraft had destroyed the strength of our partners, who fought against ISIS with great dedication”. So he expresses anger against Turkey and consolation to address the PKK.

Russia is said about the possible role of the PKK in the future of Syria, taking into account its contribution to idrissou strategy. Probably in the next few days aktiviziruyutsya and front of the EU.

The PKK / PYD are continuing their behind the scenes actions to declare “no-fly” zone to protect themselves from air strikes. On the one hand, they are trying to corner Barzani, deepening the political rift between Iraqi Kurds to mobilize street protests. Finally, they are trying on the ground to give Turkey a response that they cannot give in the air, and cause the concern of the Turkish armed forces along the border.

The operation caused changes not only in political, diplomatic picture, but especially in “static picture” security along the border. In the coming days it will be a priority issue in public opinion.

The beginning of changes in security along the border will inevitably spur new competition. In this context, “priority and a serious challenge” — the control of changes, the correct response and adaptation. On the border with Iraq and Syria, where increased security risks, understanding the rules, the organization of protection of borders, cooperation between institutions, authority and responsibility must cease to obey the principle of spyware and make the military adapted to the nature of the threat shape.