As Ukrainians belong to friendship at work – survey

The phrase “friendly staff” can be found almost in every job description. At the same time, built a there really friendship in the office or it is better to keep a strictly working relationship, opinions on this subject differ.

According to a new study by the International HR portal 17% of women and 19% of men believe in friendship between colleagues.

On the one hand, it is considered that a friendly climate in the team contributes to efficiency in delivering results. On the other — psychologists say that friendship is not always appropriate in a workflow. At the same time, women are more likely to believe that ordinary business relationships with other employees can be the key to true friendship.

According to the survey, 73% of women indicate that the quality and reliability friendships depend on the people themselves, not from circumstances. So do 70% of the men surveyed. They note that each case is individual and it all depends on the desires of the people. If colleagues want to build friendly relations, the establishment of relations is quite real.

Every sixth woman believes that work brings. If people spend more than eight hours together every day, it is not surprising that the relationship can become more trusting. 19% of men agree: there is nothing surprising in the fact that over time, colleagues are beginning to converge, because work is a place where employees not only earn money but also talk on different topics.

At the same time, 5% of women have a negative attitude to the existence of friendship between the employees, arguing that friendship and work are incompatible. Among men, 5% of respondents also believe that the existence of relations which do not relate to the work, is an unfavorable factor for the job. They suggest that people can use friendship to achieve their own goals: to achieve career growth, salary increase etc.

Every seventh Respondent has never had friendly relations with partner organisations. However, 86% of women friends at work and I think it is useful both for workflow and for their own productivity. They argue that even communicate with families meet in an informal setting and spend weekends and holidays. Men are also the majority of respondents (77%) made friends with the staff first was the usual acquaintances who were United just a job and eventually became friends. But every fourth Ukrainian’ve never tried to make friends with colleagues.

Ukrainians are in most cases positive about the friendship between colleagues. Moreover, sometimes resort to flirting, which also, in their opinion, helps to create a warm atmosphere in the office. Most men and women, white collar workers have built friendships at work and speak positively about their experiences. The establishment of warm relationships in the team often contributes to the work on joint projects.

Data were obtained in the result of a survey conducted in March 2017. In the survey participated 915 respondents from all over Ukraine.