Prestige project for Putin at the Black sea

This simple trip through time. Daniil Kvyat stood in the Ice Palace “Big”, when he was handed a hockey sweater with the words “Red Bull Racing” and logo of the racing team. Their signatures on it for Kvyat set a professional hockey club Sochi, they act in the Russian professional League KHL. The only Russian pilot “Formula 1”, who is allowed to start in the Grand Prix, earlier in one promotional video he split the ice together with girls of Russian national team on Curling. The hotel, located near the tracks, he presented his biography “Daniil Kvyat, the path in the “Formula 1″” together with the journalist who wrote it.

This week ahead of the Russian Grand Prix, Daniil Kvyat can be seen everywhere. On the ice, on TV, in a book that will be the only document “to archives in Russia,” Kvyat said on Thursday. On Wednesday he was 23 years old, and if in his homeland it was only about one week before the races on Sunday (14 hours CET, live on RTL and Sky and Formel-1-Liveticker bei FAZ.NET), you would think that he successfully makes his career.

In reality, however, career Kvyat faces a place in the middle range of “Formula–1”. A year ago, he arrived in Sochi to participate in the race for the team Red Bull Racing In those races he hit the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel during the first race on the second turn, and not once, but twice. And immediately Red Bull was replaced by Kvyat. In his cockpit sat the Dutch Prodigy Max Verstappen (Max Verstappen), who to the great joy almost all the fans of “Formula 1”, with the exception, of course, the Russian won the subsequent race in Barcelona. And again, Kvyat was in the Toro Rosso, the younger sister of team Energietrunk des-Imperiums. He was obviously in shock and lagging behind teammates Carlos Sainz Jr. While this trend has continued in the current season.

Kvyat come into Formula 1 in 2014, when Formula 1 race was held in Sochi for the first time. In 2010, the then rights holder Bernie Ecclestone (Bernie Ecclestone) and the President of Russia signed a contract for conducting of races in the period from 2014 to 2020 at a favorite spot of sports competitions Putin at the Black sea coast. And on terms which at that time was one of a kind conducive to Ecclestone — and in this sense is also one of a kind. They were one of a kind and their cost to the organizer: it was at least 30 million euros, but even more than that. Meanwhile, the organization of “Formula–1” of Azerbaijan of the Aliyev regime in Baku is still the best conditions, but the scale was installed there by Russia.

Environmental protection takes away to a certain extent, half the time the prestigious project of Putin “Grand Prix of Russia”. Ecclestone, superseded, meanwhile, the new copyright owner Liberty Media, said he wanted to go to Sochi, because he was invited Putin. Ecclestone, who is now 86 years old, expressed dissatisfaction with the “Formula–1” wherever it can and as soon as he is given the opportunity. But when it comes to race in Sochi, he comes up with only compliments. Around the tracks are lively. First, the race was held in the spring, and secondly, on Monday do not need to go to work because it is “the day of spring and labor day” is may 1 in Russia.

Besides, it contributes to the demand for vacations to Russian beaches in General, and at Sochi’s pebble shore especially. By the way, some state employees, primarily those working in the Executive branch, for the past several years is recommended to abandon a holiday abroad. The recommendation, which is becoming more serious. And the organizers of races attracted spectators who watched the race last year, a discount of 16% on tickets for 2017 and declare on its website: “We are getting better every year”. What other potential might be found here? Now 99% of the audience expressed satisfaction with the organization of the event, according to one survey.

However, viewers have long to wait for a Russian winner of the Grand Prix. 21-year-old Sergey Sirotkin in Renault provides the opportunity for the first training session this Friday to get in the car instead of Nico (Nico Hülkenberg). This operation of employment traditionally held in Sochi. In addition, Renault has developed a new front wing for the car, which will be tested at the race in Sochi, and the designers promise good results. Hulkenberg needs in the remaining two practice session this Friday and Saturday to find an optimal location for racing and training. “I knew it would be. Here’s what happened. Little time on the track, but I know how to use it,” said the German pilot on Thursday. We are talking about his knowledge of the track.

Sirotkina is Boris Rotenberg. The oligarch, Putin confidant and founder of SMP Bank. Rothenberg founded the Academy riders and has now promised to ensure the creation of a pool of younger pilots. Meanwhile, besides Sirotkin and Kvyat at the Sochi autodrom there is another rider of the senior group — Vitaly Petrov, did the first Russian pilot “Formulas–1”. He will take part in the races at the end of the week.