Terrorism is the official language of Saudi Arabia

Bloody spectacle was watched by the whole world. Whether it is massacre of Egyptian citizens in Libya or the burning of the Jordanian pilot Muaz al-Kassiba, the crush of people in nice during the celebrations on 14 July or the killing of Tunisian soldiers in 2013 on the mountain Samba in wilayate Kasserine. They shocked the conscience of people all over the world and have pushed society to find the answer to the question: why the Saudi regime implies only a bloody sight and murder? One of the French commentators said, “We are aware of only one language, which uses Saudi Arabia — terrorism”. Very rarely, if not never, we may be faced with a government that uses blind terrorism is so excessive that stain Islam with blood. Although everyone knows that Islam is irrelevant to the methods of Saudi Arabia. The difference is that there are countries that use the budget to promote their culture, but there is Saudi Arabia, spending billions of petrodollars in order to show the world that its official language of terrorism.

The only strategic way Saudi Arabia is benefiting from international terrorism. It also includes support for Israel and the United States through active participation in the implementation of the Zionist plan, whose goal, of course, is the fragmentation of the Arab States, and after distancing them from each other in geographical, economic, financial and national levels. To achieve this goal, Saudi Arabia used the bloody terrorism that fueled the financial resources of religious organizations and the media. That is why many Nations of the world began to experience fear. They prepare the security authorities and collect information in order to confront terrorism. Moreover, Western countries began to assert that their “friend” Saudi Arabia is against them. You need to take into account the fact that economic requirements and the interests of this country exceed the requirements of security. Thus, the supposed deal between Saudi Arabia and Western countries allowed us to expand terrorism, despite warnings from Western intelligence agencies about the presence of terrorist threats from their imaginary friend.

Report on the investigation of the events of 11 September 2001 and the recent decision of the Congress proved the fact that Saudi Arabia is responsible for a terrible event that changed everything. The US government led by Bush organized the war of Christians against Islam and Muslims, the slogan of which was “whoever is not with me is against me.” U.S. participation in this “battle” reflects the strategic plan, widespread in many Western and Arab States, forced Saudi Arabia to reform the regime by any means. This in turn will lead to the formation of terrorist groups who carry out bloody crimes around the world, trying to destabilize other countries. That is why nowadays we do not hear from US administration no condemnation of brutal actions of the Saudi regime against the opposition inside the country. Also we do not hear condemnation of the carnage committed by the Saudi regime against the people of Yemen or other peoples in Syria and Iraq. Began a very complex process, which causes the discussion about finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

Currently, the Saudi regime is subordinate to the extremism and religious fanaticism. The basic idea is to revolt against the Shiites, Arab countries do not support the policy of Saudi Arabia and some members of the us Zionist “lobby”, hostile to the policy of this bloody corrupt regime. Considering all these factors, the Royal regime views terrorism as a means of instilling fear, comparable to a nuclear bomb. Other countries realize that ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and his Saudi “brothers” is the latest tools used for killing and shedding the blood of innocent people. An example is tying explosives to the body of the victim, and subsequently its explosion or burning, as it happened with the Egyptian citizens in Libya and Jordanian pilot Muadh al-Kasusiba. Also ISIS behead people with knives, they peel the skin and eat the inside. All of these actions cause fear and terror among residents of Arab and Western countries. Bloody actions will encourage people to think about whether to resist or attempt to change the regime in any way. The danger will increase in two times following the return of terrorists to their home countries after the end of the bloody war in Syria and Iraq. Their minds are filled with the Wahhabi thoughts. Thus, all countries are now concerned about this fact, and are striving to resist terrorism with the support of the United States. They are going to impose fear countries a kind of political colonialism.

Without a doubt we can say that terrorism in Saudi Arabia is knocking at the doors of all the world’s capitals, including the capitals of the countries of the Persian Gulf. Opposition to terrorism is becoming a critical issue for everyone. Countries are trying to end this danger with the least financial, economic and human losses.

Arab and European media accused the Saudi regime in international terrorism and demand its complete elimination by all possible means. The new US President has promised people that he will require money from this regime, in exchange for a guarantee of protection and security. If this plan is implemented, it will lead to the emergence of financial problems of the Saudi regime. It should be noted that money is the main and most important source of support the activities of terrorist groups. In this sense, the elimination of this regime is possible. Will be quite a few demonstrations in order to overthrow the regime or to reform it. None of the Western countries will not shed tears for him as they used to close their eyes to people’s calls for reform.