Our obsession with Russia turns into an attack on political discourse

In 1972, Chancellor Willy Brandt as a permanent reminder of the Marshall Plan, was founded by the German Marshall Fund of the United States (the German Marshall Fund of the United States), which has long been one of the most respected research centers in the Washington district roads.

However, in July of this year, since the announcement of the establishment of the “Alliance for the preservation of democracy” (Securing Alliance for Democracy), whose task is to “work with purpose of public documentation and exposure of the continued attempts by Vladimir Putin, aimed at undermining democracy in the United States and Europe,” it became clear that the Fund refuses to Ostpolitik, the Eastern policy, which was the distinctive black of the foreign policy of Brandt, but instead makes the choice in favor of Russia related panic in a dominant position in modern Washington discourse.

“Alliance for the preservation of democracy”, according to the official representative of the German Marshall Fund, “founded by a group of American individuals and small family foundations”, in fact, is an Alliance between the traditional Republican neocons and such democratic war hawks like William Kristol (William Kristol), David Kramer (David Kramer), former acting CIA Director Michael Morell (Michael Morell), Advisor to Hillary Clinton foreign policy, Jake Sullivan (Lake Sallivan) and former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

But on Wednesday, after the announcement of the “German Marshall Fund” on the creation of a new project under the auspices of the “Alliance for the defence of democracy”, the designation “68 Hamilton” (Hamilton 68) name the notes of federalist 68 (Federalist Paper 68), in which we are talking about the danger of foreign influence on American democracy.

Here’s what was said about it in the press release announcing the creation of this project: “Hamilton 68″ will help both journalists and ordinary people to identify transmitted message to the Russian and to discover in the beginning of active misinformation or offensive. This will reduce the effectiveness of Russia’s attempts to influence the American way of thinking, and will deter such activity in the future.”

This project intends to achieve this goal? It will look at 600 Twitter accounts, which allegedly contribute to the spread of Russian influence in the United States.

This new project aims to “shed light on the Russian propaganda efforts on Twitter almost in real time” using the designation “a certain course content from the Twitter accounts, designed for the media, which, according to available data, controlled by the Russian government,” and “topics that promoted the Twitter accounts associated with the Russian campaign of exerting influence”.

According to the “German Marshall Fund”, “by using the original control panel is being monitored 600 accounts that 1) have been identified as members of specific campaigns of disinformation, sinhroniziranje their actions with Russia Today and Sputnik News; 2) are clearly linked to those users, who themselves identificeret themselves as agents of Pro-Russian views, and 3) represent bots, the support members of the first two categories”.

The specific criteria used by the German Marshall Fund to designate accounts “clearly associated” with the Russian “campaigns of disinformation”, were unnamed. In addition, “German Marshall Fund” will not call those 600 accounts on his radar, because, as he said, “we prefer to focus on the behavior of the network as a whole and do not want to be drawn into hundreds of individual debates, in which roles are defined trolling”.

Using activity tracking 600 accounts web site “German Marshall Fund” is able to determine the most important and having a certain trend in the field within 48-hour period. While in his special list includes such mainstream media as The Atlantic, and such conservative sources as The DailyCaller and FoxNews, as well as Russian media like RT and SputnikNews.

The start time of the project is very favourable, given the fact that Congress appropriated $ 250 million to counter Russian propaganda in the framework of a new sanctions bill directed against Iran, Russia and North Korea. Among other things, additional funds will be allocated to “create appropriate opportunities, as well as resistance from civil society, media and other non-governmental organizations in terms of combating the influence and propaganda of the Russian Federation in these countries.”

However, this new project had some problems, and the first of them is that Twitter message, marked “German Marshall Fund” as “Russian propaganda”, cannot be called propaganda in any meaningful sense of the term. For example, five tweets that have been marked on the web site of the project “Hamilton 68” on Wednesday at 11:10 Eastern time:

1) Tied to a chair the prisoner was killed with a Taser an American prison.

Teen inmate shot with taser by US officers while strapped to chair (VIDEO) https://t.co/xt4urBqoEf pic.twitter.com/bYB1RwVfj3

— RT (@RT_com) August 1, 2017

2) RT UK

War crimes? A third of Britons want Tony Blair appeared before the court because of the invasion of Iraq.

War crimes? Third of Brits want Tony Blair tried over Iraq invasion. https://t.co/sxO7z5hciY

— RT UK (@RTUKnews) August 2, 2017

3) Sputnik

Important news: Russian Embassy in Damascus came under mortar attack from terrorists

BREAKING: Russian Embassy in #Damascus comes under mortar fire by terrorists https://t.co/ZhO4FrzDqN #SyriaCrisis pic.twitter.com/90QO64zr89

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) December 2, 2017

4) RT America

“There is a military solution to destroy the North Korean program itself and North Korea,” said Lindsay Graham (Lindsay Graham).

“There is a military option to destroy North Korea’s program and North Korea itself,” Lindsay Graham said https://t.co/pRF7dnVaM4

— RT America (@RT_America) October 1, 2017

Senators call in blocking trade deals with China, and “destroy” North Korea. RT America.

Influential democratic Senator urged President Donald trump to block business deals with China as long as Beijing will not begin to play more aggressively against Pyongyang, while the leading hawk among Republicans is talking about…

5) President of Russia
The day of the airborne troops: the President congratulated servicemen and veterans on the day of the airborne troops of Russia. http://bit.ly/2uV9Utp

#ParatroopersDay: The President congratulated the personnel and veterans of the Russian Airborne Forces https://t.co/7jsVHEl07P

— President of Russia (@KremlinRussia_E) December 2, 2017

Congratulations to the Marines and veterans of the airborne troops in the airborne forces Day.

The President congratulated the paratroopers and veterans of the airborne troops of Russia.


While the sources of these messages have a clear connection with the Kremlin, none of the materials may not be called “false news.”

So the question arises: Why the “German Marshall Fund” leading tweets related to the police brutality or very bellicose statements Lindsey Graham? The meaning of this project, “German Marshall Fund” is clear: any message that can represent the United States in a negative light, today are equal to the spread of Russian propaganda.

Probably, it should not cause any surprise. Ultimately, declassified January 6, the intelligence report from the office of the Director of National intelligence regarding the alleged Russian campaign aiming to influence the election results, it is argued that the coverage by RT of the movement “Occupy wall Street” (Occupy Wall Street), as well as fracking helped to sway the election results in favor of Donald trump.


Projects such as the “Hamilton 68” are the opposite of what you’d expect to see in such an open society like the United States: in fact, he’s trying to set up a surveillance and narrow sizes are acceptable political discourse. The hidden message is that Americans should ignore bad news if their sources are foreign media, regardless of the authenticity of the reports.

The fact that the authoritative “German Marshall Fund” has been Russophobia, so fashionable today, representatives of all political spectra, is grounds for disappointment and concern.