How to go on a diet and not even notice this: the TOP 8 tricks

Diet is the most common method resorted to by many who wish to take extra inches. But not all diets are equally useful, because the weight tends to return.

To lose weight is not necessary to torture yourself with diets enough to know a few tricks and use them every day, says “Home”.

Buy yourself small plates

Strange but true: are we really “eat” eyes. The bigger the plate the bigger the portion. Can’t fool the brain, with a huge dish of orphan half portions even though half your daily calorie allowance, you find that you ate. But if the same portion to put on a dessert dish, you will certainly be satisfied.

Let the plates will be colorful and bright

On the white plates, the food looks beautiful, of course. But the problem is that we unconsciously try to fill a white plate as a whole, like the painted background of the picture on a white sheet. But color ware does not want to “stroke”. And if it is still green, then it just want to put more fresh vegetables.

Hide junk food

There is no need to build hiding places in inaccessible places. All you need to do is to shift the delicious harmful in opaque containers or wrap them in foil. And healthy and diet foods put in transparent containers or even Express outright. Open the fridge with the desire to eat something immediately and see a dark sack with sausage and boiled chicken breast in a transparent container. Guess what you take? That is, a piece of meat. Because you saw it, and the brain is already looking forward to this taste. Actually, you wanted sausage.

Prepare Breakfast in the evening

Breakfast — the main problem of losing weight: Breakfast definitely need to “start” the metabolism, Breakfast should be tight, then not to eat the cookies before dinner. But in the morning or have no time to cook, or do not want to. So you have Breakfast sandwich and coffee and two hours later feel ready to eat an elephant.

But in fact there are lots of dishes that can be prepared the day before. You can buy a slow cooker, and your awakening will be ready a delicious porridge. You can pour oat flakes with yogurt and leave overnight — it is very tasty. And if you’re not ready to give up sandwiches, you can make them with roasted meats, prepared in advance.

In General, the idea is simple: you Wake up and you are waiting for food. The question “whether to buy on the way of cake?” removed from the agenda.

Let the water

There is a very funny trick: take some glasses and fill them with water and put in the fridge. As soon as you want to walk, you will see these glasses and realize that actually wanted to drink. Will have a drink, but there will not be. The fact that we often confuse thirst with hunger.

In addition, we drink too much coffee and carbonated drinks which dehydrate the body. Therefore, let clean water not only in the refrigerator, but on the Desk in the office and at home — where you normally rest. At arm’s length. You will not notice as you stop drinking coke and get used to the taste of clean water.

Drink from tall glasses

The first rule of any diet is avoiding alcohol. It’s awful. And so there are restrictions everywhere, and at parties is not fun. In fact, alcohol consumption can be restricted and completely unnoticed.

The researchers conducted a fun experiment: asked the bartender to pour one standard serving of spirits in the low and wide glasses, and the second in tall and narrow. Now, in the second case, even professionals with extensive experience nedolovili about 20%.

The secret is simple: a vertical line seems longer than the horizontal, even if they are the same. Therefore, tall glass of “better” is low. So choose high glasses, and if you like cocktails, ask to add a little more ice. The servings seem huge, but actually you drink quite a bit.

Keep fruits and vegetables on the table

The secret is that you will never climb in the bottom drawer of the fridge for an Apple, unless, of course, not going to bake an Apple pie. Because in the refrigerator and on the shelves of a lot of interesting things. Cake, for example.

But if washed fruits and vegetables will be on your mind, you’ll just get something passed. The fact that our brain likes to engage the autopilot: suddenly the war, and he is tired? So every day you eat the same way: very lightly, take some cookies and eat it without even noticing. It would be better to take the tomato, of course, but it needs to get washed… And now don’t, here he is, at hand.

Do not eat directly from the container

Yes, we know that you do not eat as much as possible! And we don’t eat much. Nothing. Except, perhaps, chips or crackers. And more chocolate. And fresh baguette tastes better from a package, and even Nutella directly from the jar to pick up, yet no one sees… Packaging is a bottomless pit because we do not see, how much we eat, and the brain is sure that you, poor thing, not fed. Make it a habit to put everything on a plate to see how much to eat. By the way, chips in the daylight is spooky stuff, it turns out.