Clumsy voyage: the adventures of the tramp in the middle East and in Rome

In 1869 mark TWAIN published his “the Innocents abroad” — travel notes, which began a brilliant writing career.

Donald trump, after Saudi Arabia, Israel and Rome, writes the Washington Post, wrote this funny book a new Chapter.

Indeed, the Tramp can be viewed as anything but dull stories about him are not.

As noted by the Washington Post, trump, Americans have become accustomed to the constant mess. And on this trip his friends and companions had the opportunity to personally observe the hurricane named trump.

In Saudi Arabia, Donald trump met with unprecedented pomp truly Royal honors, unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama, whom the Saudis liked him for too soft in their opinion, the stance against Iran.

In the luxurious interiors of the Royal palaces of Riyadh, the American President was able to escape from the tense atmosphere at home in Washington, where he still faces investigation by an independent congressional Committee.

But the Royal ceremony requires sacrifice. For example, dances with swords.

In Riyadh, trump met mentally, despite some minor missteps — trump admitted, as we are assured his assistants, fatigue, rash circulation “Islamic extremism” instead of the more politically correct “Islamist” (but still not “radical Islamic terrorism” — a phrase he uttered and tweet in recent months repeatedly), and called Salman bin Abdul-Aziz bin Abdurrahman al Saud, king Solomon, missing only three thousand years.

Trump received in Riyadh the Order of king Abdul Aziz — the highest award of the Kingdom.

By the way, Donald trump at the time criticized Obama, calling him a “lover” because he bowed to the Saudi king. The trump at the presentation to him of the order not that he bowed, and sat down, depicting something like a curtsey.

“Crouching before the king, trump downplayed the United States, wrote the Washington Times. — Such gestures are obligatory for the subjects of the king, but not equal to him.”

The us President also took part in the timed Saudis for his visit the Grand opening of the world centre on fight against extremist ideology.

Photograph of a ceremony called joyful itles activity in social networks, especially among fans of “the Hobbit” and “Lord of the rings.”

“Not all the palantir was found when Numenor was Sauron inclined to evil, and fell, so it’s always nice to see one of the stones again in the game,” — said in the “Twitter” one of the users of the social network Anthony Oliveira.

Readers who are familiar with the legendarium of Tolkien, will understand, about what speech. Recall that the palantir is a magical stone in “Lord of the rings”, which you can use to see the past and what is happening somewhere else.

However, other users of Twitter were set up less than phantasmagoric and think about the effect of static electricity and the practical implications of touching an electrified ball.

Stating in Riyadh, it is in the spirit of Tolkien, that the fight against extremism is a “battle between good and evil”, and signing the Grand contract to supply Saudi Arabia U.S. arms worth more than $ 100 billion, Donald trump went to Israel, where he also had high hopes after the disappointment of the politics of Barack Obama.

Arriving in Jerusalem, the Donald trump one deft phrase makes you forget the observers about Tolkien and his magical balloon.

“We have just returned from the Middle East,” said Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, or silence, whether out of politeness, did not explain to the American leader that the middle East is not only the Arab world but also Israel, too.

“How fortunate are Israel that there is a wall separating it from Mexico,” this joke appeared, along with photos, which trump sealed at the wailing Wall.

The American press has not passed and by another trump statements. In his meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu trump all of a sudden decided to clarify the situation.

“You understand, — said trump told reporters. I was never in the conversation did not use the word or name “Israel”. Never mentioned it in conversation. They all say that I did it. So you have one wrong story. Never mentioned the word “Israel.”

That meant trump, and why “Israel” is such a terrible word, which cannot even be mentioned?

The mystery is clarified, when reporters guessed that it was about trump’s conversation with Sergey Lavrov in which he allegedly divulged confidential information, received from Israel.

A separate issue of voyage of the President of trump — his relationship with his wife Melania. Symptoms of marital relations the Trumps invariably attract photographers and columnists gossip columns.

In the press there was much discussion of two points — at the airport Ben Gurion and Rome, when trump tried to reach Melania arm, and she her both times rejected.

The moment was certainly awkward, and it may even be that the journalists then fanned out of molehills. But the fact remains, any public manifestation of coldness in the relationship of Donald and Melania are not ignored.

What can I say… it’s hard to be in the White house. And of course, the President’s wife — a woman is extremely elegant.

Meeting Donald trump with the Pope also brought a lot of funny moments and food for thought.

When Obama went to the middle East, trump criticized him for what his wife Michelle Obama was without a headscarf. This, according to trump, she hurt the feelings of Muslims.

Melania was also without a headscarf in Saudi Arabia. She wore it, in accordance with the Protocol of the Vatican for a meeting with the Pope, why looked like at the funeral.

Trump’s meeting with the Pope was difficult: too diverge their views on such issues as immigration, the arms trade and the threat of climate change.

Despite the mutual overtures, according to those present, felt some tension.

Differences clearly outlined in your tweet close to the Pope, cardinal Peter Turkson.

“Pope Francis and President, the trump turned to the world of Islam, to exorcise violence. One wants peace and dialogue, and the other weapons.”

The cardinal is clearly hinted at a 100 billion trump’s deal with Saudi Arabia.

A visit to the middle East and Rome complete, but Trump talks with its European partners, leaders of the countries “Big seven” and NATO leadership.

We certainly look forward to new details…