Ukraine actively sells abroad butter, cheese and buys more

Ukraine in January-August 2017 has supplied to foreign markets 5,619 thousand tons of cheese, which is 17% higher than for the same period in 2016. In monetary terms, according to customs statistics, supplies of cheese increased by 42 percent to 19.53 million dollars.

Imports of cheese in January-August totaled 6.01 thousand tons, an increase of 39% compared to the same period last year. The country imported products worth 27,13 million dollars (in January-August 2016 – by 17.72 million dollars).

Exports of butter from Ukraine in January-August 2017 increased by 2.8 times – up to 17,96 tonnes. In monetary terms, it amounted to 69,91 million to $ 17,56 million dollars in January-August 2016. The import of this product for eight months fell 3 times – from 872 tons (2.9 million dollars) to 294 tons (1.57 million dollars).

Previously it was repeatedly reported by the experts, the sharp increase in exports of butter with the ever-shrinking number of cows in Ukraine leads to the growth of prices for “milk” in the domestic market of the country.

The most disappointing forecasts of experts gave for the fall – the end of the season “the big milk”. According to farmers, the shortage of raw materials may occur by the end of the year.