Beijing wants to create a Navy a world power

With the first aircraft carrier of its own production in Beijing sends a message: we want to become a world power. A new ship, improved copy of the Russian aircraft carrier the Soviet era, is not prestigious object, as it was with Britain or France.

Paris and London can afford at most one or two expensive ship. China wants much more. The launching of the ship marked the birth of the Navy, which had until now only the United States. This is not an empty sound.

As China ten years to build 20 thousand kilometers of high-speed Railways, so he now wants to create by 2030 a naval fleet worthy of a world power. It should be the basis of aircraft carriers in the battle groups, as is the case in the Navy of the United States. Talking about six, about twice the number of such groups. This is necessary for the destroyers, fuel ships and submarines are already being produced.

Without a fleet, no domination

Beijing was in no hurry with this intention. He needed capital, know-how, as well as the outcome of the internal debate about whether we can afford such expensive equipment. Now the decision is made.

On the Yellow sea has entered in build a large airfield for training pilots. His landing marked the contours of the vessels, which is the training. They indicate that future aircraft carriers China should be the same size as the American. Perhaps, even more.

The desire to be equal with America plays in this project a role. But this is not the only motive. Beijing has not forgotten why the Europeans and Japan could 150 years ago to divide China. Each of them was the Navy. In China it was through their own fault.

Previously, China had a fleet

In the XV century the Empire had ships, the size of which significantly exceed the size of the European vessels. Admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He) sailed to Kenya and Egypt. China could be the world’s naval power and to resist the invasion of the colonial countries.

However, he decided to abandon the fleet. This must not happen again. The threat of Donald trump to start a war in East Asia if China will not do in North Korea what he wants, probably has strengthened the Chinese Politburo.

If all goes according to the plan of Beijing, then in 2030 there will be two countries that will be able to demonstrate their power before any Land coast. The possession of military means strengthens nationalist instincts.

Where will be in such a world, Europe? She will have to step it up to show that goals can be achieved with diplomacy and economic power.