Who ordered the “fake” about the chemical attack Assad in Syria?

4 April 2017 in the Syrian city of Khan shaykhun in Idlib province the incident occurred, when the alleged attack after the Syrian government’s air force were killed 72 civilians, including 20 children and 17 women.


To create a realistic picture of what is happening and to understand the degree of disinformation, the purpose of which is to increase the level of tension between Russia and the United States until, in fact, escalation, let’s look at the sequence of individual events related to the alleged “chemical attack”. So I was not accused of “Pro-Russian conspiracy”, I want to inform that all the necessary information I took exclusively from Western media, which hardly anyone can accuse the support of the Russian or the Syrian side.


The first organization that almost immediately after the above events have rushed to accuse the Syrian army or the allied Russian army to use toxic gas, was the “Syrian Observatory of human rights” /Source: AP ČTK/. On the same day, high representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini condemned the airstrike, and the responsibility for it lay on the Syrian regime /ČTK/. France reacted by convening an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council. Of course, not long to wait and Moscow’s reaction. On the same day, i.e. on April 4, Russia defended the position of Syria, which consisted in the fact that the chemical spill happened, most likely, armories radical Syrian rebels during the bombing by Syrian government forces /Russia 24, To/. Such explanations, however, clearly don’t like Western media. According to them, the rebels themselves have denied the Russian version. An unnamed representative of official U.S. government told Reuters that the Russian allegations “not compliant with reality”. Another source, who also wished to remain anonymous, added that at the scene of the attack there were no warehouses with chemicals that would have belonged to the rebels. Shortly after the attack, “the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons” (OPCW) announced the dispatch of experts to Turkey to investigate the circumstances of the chemical attack in Syrian Idlib /4. APR 2017/. After a short time British experts said that in samples taken at the scene were found traces of the toxic gas sarin /Source: TA3/. Of course, for the magic word “sarin” media “seized”, as if they were only waiting for his appearance. As wrote the Western media, citing “experts in the field of chemistry”, the production of sarin too complex and costly for the rebels. Other “experts in the field of chemistry” claimed that sarin cannot be stored for long periods /Source: The Daily Mail/. That anybody did not doubt, after all, who was the cause of a chemical disaster, “The Times” published, citing a message on Twitter Deputy of the city of Aleppo Faris Shihab, information about that pilot that dropped sarin gas on the city, was a Syrian General Muhammad, Hasuri. But that report said only that the commander of the Syrian army thanked the General M. Hasuri for a successful attack on a weapons depot of the terrorists of al-Qaeda. Despite the fact that on Twitter there is no mention about any chemical attack or chemical substances, “The Times” describes Muhammad, Hasuri as an experienced commander, “which is not the first time carried out the attack with chemical weapons”, and expresses doubt that “Muhammad, Hasuri didn’t know about the use of chemicals.” This is a typical design fabricated “confessions” used by Western media. Much has been said the subtitle “a Pilot, who last week dropped sarin gas on the Syrian town of Khan shaykhun and killed more than 70 people, was a Syrian General Muhammad Kasuri /The Times/.


Already on 5 April during an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council proposed a draft resolution in connection with the chemical attack (from the point of view of manipulating public consciousness by the Western media it is significant that the text of the proposed resolution was not available to the public). On the same day, the Russian diplomacy in the face of Maria Zakharova expressed their point of view. Zakharov has informed that Russia considers the draft resolution of the UN Security Council in the form in which it was presented at that time was unacceptable.

Responsible for the deaths of civilians in the course of the alleged “chemical attacks” in the city of Khan shaykhun, in the opinion of the British Minister of defense Michael Falung, brings Russia /April 8, “Sunday Time”/. The text of the article clarifies that “Moscow bears indirect responsibility for the lives of these people, because it is the main ally of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In recent years, Russia has been able to stop this civil war.” Syria, in the opinion of the Minister, require a government without Assad. It should be noted that the Minister of defence of the United Kingdom knows what’s best for Syria than the Syrian citizens, the legally elected Assad in the elections in 2016, when he received 88% votes. This result in the elections there was not one of politics, trying to remove Assad.


Of course, in all this political theater production called “the Chemical attack Bashar al-Assad” to change something could Assad himself. He made a clear statement, which, however, apparently no one the West took note of: “we Have no chemical weapons. In 2013 we abandoned our entire chemical Arsenal. Even if such a weapon we had, we would never use it. As for international investigations, we will cooperate with Russia. But the investigation must be impartial”. /Source: /AFP/.


April 12 was something that the Western media have been waiting for and “wisely predicted.” The resolution of the UN Security Council condemning the alleged use of 4 April, chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Khan shaykhun and requiring the Syrian government to provide detailed information about all of its air operations in the day of the incident /Source: TA/, Russia vetoed, because the words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, it is a “biased, as is already pre-blaming the use of chemical weapons government of Bashar al-Assad.” Of course, the reaction of the Western media not long to wait: “this is the eighth resolution, which was blocked by Russia to protect its Syrian ally Bashar al-Assad /12.4.2017, Reuters, AFP, CT 24/.


So the burden of responsibility for creating an atmosphere of hostility towards Assad and Moscow is not laid only on the shoulders of the media, the British foreign Minister, Boris Johnson commented on the Russian veto with a proper degree of theatricality: “Britain in shock.” However, he added that “Russia has chosen the wrong camp.” Of course, could not keep to himself and French President Francois Hollande, who said that “Russia has assumed greater responsibility for the veto of the resolution”. He’s not batting an eye accused Moscow that it “systematically protects its ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” /Source/ and urged to impose sanctions against the Syrian regime. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sharply with his peculiar Oriental nature, temperament at one of the meetings “a disappointment”, said: “Assad, you’re a murderer! How can you avoid the curses of the victims?”. Theresa may, the Prime Minister of great Britain, crowned this “theatre” “ice crown”: “our specialists have analyzed samples from the scene. They found traces of sarin. As well as the United States, we are convinced that the responsibility for the attack rests with the Assad regime. Only his regime was able to carry out such attacks.” 12 April 2017 the whole world with great relief learned that arrived in Moscow the US state Secretary Rex Tillerson for talks about the situation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, who during the press conference expressed a common position on the need for investigation into the incident at the UN.


And what happened on the background of these events? The next day after the above meeting, the Syrian command reported that hundreds of people were killed from toxic substances after a RAID on positions of the Islamic state, coalition air forces under the US leadership. The coalition called this misinformation, and in the West, of course, this information did not pay any attention. Russia has sent unmanned aircraft /13.4.2017, TA3/.


I went to the end of the presentation of the events after the incident: all that I give is not randomly selected facts that we have in the EU easily are called “conspiracy.” Now any sober-minded person can call into question the existence of freedom of thought, not to mention freedom of speech. While I continue to use publicly available sources of information, which are solely the Western media.


As I mentioned, for the first time from the West information about the use of toxic gas by the government of Syria or Russia was made by the organization “Syrian Observatory of human rights”, which, in fact, there is one registered member under the alias Abdul Rahman Rami. He claims he has 200 employees in Syria, “for which he vouches”, but I personally know only a few, and recommended rest. This person with incomplete secondary education, “findings,” which are based not only Western media but also Western politicians “higher rank”, during the reign of bill Clinton was awarded to al Gore, at that time acting Vice-President, for a better document. Perhaps you are interested in the fact that he communicates only by telephone and via the Internet, with no one engaging in personal contact. The fact remains, Abdul Rahman Rami, which was not in Syria for the last 15 years, receives the information, as he claims, from members of the Syrian opposition. The opposition is a very broad concept. However, on the basis of the published “first hand” videos with executions of prisoners of war, one can conclude that the opposition with which it is in contact, we can confidently include and radicals, and terrorists. So, it informs about the actions in Syria, and his words have more weight for the West than the words of the legitimately elected President of Syria or Vladimir Putin. Among other things, for the “most reliable information”, which became in due time an occasion for aggression against Iraq, also stood by the organization “one person” named Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, who is also known under the pseudonym Curveball. He also possessed a magical ability to instantly galvanize the world media on the same specious grounds. Such a parallel is more than interesting. Curveball is the “atomic scientist from Baghdad,” which gave the West information about the program of Iraq’s nuclear weapons establishment, what was the justification for the implementation of an act of aggression against Iraq. The truth is that Curveball although really graduated from the chemistry Department in Baghdad, but due to quite low level of knowledge, he was not able to find work in the specialty, and eventually he began to work as a taxi driver. His “finest hour” came after the emigration to Germany. Here secret service and the media have created a “scientist nuclear scientist” in order to give custom-made “evidence”.


A key role in the incident in Khan Sheyhun played proof of the presence of the chemical sarin gas in samples taken from the scene of the airstrike. A leading expert in the field of chemical weapons, Professor Theodore Postol of Massachusetskogo Institute of technology, describing photographs that document the collection of samples from the place where was carried out the attack, said: “if in that place and at that time when I made these photos, there was a sarin, all the people in the photographs would have received fatal or, at least, a fairly significant dose of sarin. The fact that these people were dressed so unprofessional, and indicates either complete ignorance of basic precautions to protect against sarin poisoning, or that they actually knew of the lack of sarin”. The Professor further says: “I think that this undoubtedly testifies to the absence in the document any evidence that the U.S. government has data on the use by the Syrian government of chemical weapons in Khan Sheyhun”. Ask everyone to think about how this statement corresponds with the statement Theresa may, according to which the samples from the scene of the attack were analysed by British experts, who found in them traces of sarin!


About the events in Syria Western media is also informed and Ahmad Taraki, the head of the Syrian-American medical society, which supports hospitals controlled by the opposition.

You probably drew attention to the fact that the role of the key source of information for the political and media interpretations of the incident in Khan Sheyhun from the West is the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons. It is an international organization with residence in the Hague in the Netherlands, dedicated to the promotion and monitoring of compliance with the Treaty to ban the use of chemical weapons. She began to work on 29 April 1997, when the Treaty entered into force. This organization is not directly part of the UN, however, they cooperate closely, in particular, the staff of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons have passports UN /Source Wikipedia/.


As you know, in connection with the crisis in Syria, the UN security Council on September 27, 2013 adopted resolution No. 2118 on the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria. 1 of October of the same year started its activities the mission of the UN inspectors and the OPCW in Syria, which included 60 experts. Until November 1, the inspectors had to check all the objects from the Syrian list to secure the equipment for the production of such weapons and, if possible, to begin its liquidation. The inspectors visited and noted all the shops and storage of chemical weapons, indicated the Syrian government, they have also inspected other locations at its discretion without any restrictions by the Syrian government. November 30, 2013, the Agency “Reuters”, citing a statement by the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons announced the U.S. proposal to eliminate the most dangerous Syrian chemical weapons until the end of the year. Further, the representatives of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons said that the operation will be implemented on Board a special ship belonging to the us government, using the method of hydrolysis. The organization confirmed that it had received offers from 35 private (!) American companies that want to take part in the elimination of 800 tons of chemical weapons until the end of the year. In his statement, mentioned the Director-General of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons Ahmet Uzumcu, “the U.S. is offered his technology to eliminate the most dangerous Syrian weapons, continued operational and financial support (Source: /AP/). To help the special units of the UN and the OPCW was at the request of the USA and also Norway and Sweden. (Source: /AP/). Just Norway, the UN resolution, and had to take out half of Syria of its Arsenal, containing more than thousands of tons of chemicals and chemicals intended for the production of mustard gas and nerve agents, sarin and VX. The complete elimination of all (!) chemical weapons were scheduled for the first half of 2014. All happened as follows: the Syrian army has Packed chemical weapons, and satellite under the control of the army the United States using the Danish ship she was taken to a southern Italian port of Gioia Tauro. July 2, 2014 Czech portal /idnes. cz/ wrote that a special American ship “Cape Ray” arrived in the port of Gioia Tauro to load hundreds of tons of Syrian chemical weapons with a view to their immediate liquidation into the sea at an unknown location. Work was expected to last about 60 days. Owned by the OPCW was the first to inform that on the basis of UN security Council resolution from 2013 24 December 2014 began destroying Syria’s equipment for producing chemical weapons in underground facilities (the DPA news Agency, new York, January 30, 2015, TASR/HSP/), and to eliminate had 12 devices, 7 of which are located in aircraft hangars and 5 underground storage. They had to be destroyed before the end of June 2016. even then, the OPCW has stated that “elimination of Syrian chemical weapons almost finished.” 6 January 2016, the Agency AR with reference to the OPCW announced that “the American company Veolia eliminated the last 75 container filled with hydrogen fluoride, in the premises of this company in Texas.” The Director-General of the OPCW Ahmet Uzumcu in connection with the completion of work on the elimination of chemical weapons drew attention to the fact that in Syria continue to use toxic chemicals as weapons and that the OPCW checks accepted Damascus all their chemical weapons stockpiles. Interesting in this connection is the statement of a man who had unlimited power and all the means to implement its objectives for the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons, the disposal of which was all kinds of help from the opponent. Such a statement could easily arouse the suspicion that such actions, which led to new allegations by the Syrian government of chemical weapons are “custom”, which establishes grounds for such statements as “the chemical attack of Assad, supported by Moscow” when the development of the situation makes possible the recognition of the legitimacy of the Syrian government or (God forbid!) “and worse” — the establishment of “peace.” Let’s see who actually runs the OPCW?

© AFP 2017, Amer AlmohibanyСирийская girl in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus

The Director General of this organization is to Uzumcu Ahmet is a Turkish career diplomat. It is noteworthy that from 1999 to 2002, he worked as a Consul of Turkey in Aleppo, Syria and Ambassador in Israel. From 2002 to 2004, he served as the permanent representative of Turkey to NATO. Then was appointed permanent representative of Turkey to the UN (2006-2010). Since 2008 he is head of the Conference on disarmament. Under his leadership, the OPCW is the winner of the Nobel peace prize (2013). In June 2015, he took part in the 63rd Bilderberg conference in Telfs-buchen, Austria. For those of you who don’t know what Bilderbergsky club, I will say that it is an informal private meetings of influential persons — representatives of the financial, political, journalistic, military and educational communities, as well as the aristocracy and intelligence agencies. There in the “friendly discussion” is an exchange of opinions on important issues (!!!).Participation in the annual conference may, at the invitation of club Chairman and two honorary secretaries, which can be obtained on the basis of the recommendation of the management Committee. The majority of participants from NATO countries, but since 1989 there are invited participants from other States. The results of these meetings are not publicly available (Source:/Wikipedia/). In Bilderbergskom the club is called “synthesis debate”, and on the basis of a subsequently formed line of conduct in certain areas (e.g., policy, mass media), which must be implemented by participants in their countries before the next meeting (Source: /Wikipedia/). As you may know, the Western media refer to the organizers and participants of the Bilderberg club. I guess all the staunch “defenders of democracy” should be interested in these topics, which politicians, representatives of various intelligence agencies or the media, and whether the result of these meetings that the “exchange of opinions” leads to the similarity of these opinions? For example, the “chemical attack Assad in Khan shaykhun”? Incidentally, one of the 63rd Bilderberg conference in Telfs-buchen, where also took part the Director General of the OPCW Ahmet Uzumcu, was still remaining on the agenda the topic of chemical weapons in Syria and the theme of Russia (Source: official website Bilderbergskogo club). Then I remember the anecdote of the Third Reich. There are two SS officers, one said, “did You hear that? The Reichstag is burning…”, and the second replies: “Quiet! It’s only tomorrow!”.


Perhaps you remember how 15 Feb 2017 after the first of the talks Lavrov and Tillerson in Bonn, the Agency “Bloomberg” called the meeting “unfortunate”! As well, the meeting was constructive and even threatened by conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, and maybe, God forbid, and the rapprochement of the two powers that certain circles in the United States is simply unacceptable. At least “annoying” was a statement of administration trump that “Assad led Syria, we will need to adjust to.” Immediately came the turn of proven techniques: chemical weapons and theatre with dead children, played the “White helmets”. And unfortunately, as a response to “chemical attack Syria and Moscow,” — misguided missile attack on the Syrian-Russian military base would be in the case of excessive hysteria on both sides is simply the beginning of a military conflict. In this connection let me cite his own words, was published in the Slovak magazine “Dimenzie” in January, 2017: “Despite the fact that the election of the American President highlights the world’s media for months, in reality they are only interested in a small part of the world community. This time the partisanship of the mainstream, directed against a candidate D. trump, have made clear that everything is at stake what determined the persistence of the “American dream” in the last 100 years. This dream since the early 20th century was directly dependent on the military-industrial complex, as well as the ability of U.S. foreign policy initiatives to create worldwide incidents for his impressive “restart”. Negative attitude of the tramp against the war with Russia, could not cause other reaction but the one I have at the moment. This not only casts doubt on the possibility of “restart of the Russian” military-industrial complex, but also devalues all investment in social and economic modeling this capability, manifested, for example, in the reaction of the “philanthropist” Soros. If Donald trump to defend their position and to “make America great again” no war with Russia depends on the extent to which it can reduce the orientation of us firms in the military-industrial complex, which in turn depends not only on their personal willingness to go “the unbeaten track”.


To the same extent it depends on the readiness of the rest of the world to compensate for the production of civilian goods for the US what the US itself gradually retreated. From this point of view cooperation with Russia as a leading member of the EEU is vital. Therefore, I believe that there is a real expectation of improving the relations between the USA and Russia. Crucial will be the support trump would need to find mainly in industrial circles. And anti-war sentiment of the world community can play an important role”.


We can say that over time, the tramp found in industrial circles enough support (to its credit), but has not yet been able to find support from those whose task was to create the conditions necessary for “restart” military-industrial complex. You could say that this incident and the subsequent “punishment” bombing of the airbase, which started the Syrian government plane allegedly dropped chemical weapons, to many to clarify the situation in which the President of the United States. Probably someone is interested in the fact that the President of the United States continued to play the role of Barack Obama and was only conditional authority, easy to control and manipulation. The real authority of the American state in accordance with this position would remain “12 great players,” 150 influential secret societies, which defend the interests of the military-industrial complex, which is somehow related, 85% of U.S. companies.

© AFP 2017, Mohamed al-Waligura alleged gas attack in Idlib province

So, an example of a “chemical incident” in Khan Sheyhun more than instructive.


1. There are many indirect evidence that the whole “chemical attack Assad, with the support of Moscow” staged with the help of specially trained people and organizations with questionable backgrounds, the media and the politicians associated with the elites, or subordinate to supra-national financial and political interests.


2. The evidence provided suggests that Bashar al-Assad during the bombing of the warehouses of the radical Syrian opposition have not used toxic gas as at least not had them in 2014 and 2016, Syria did not even have the equipment to produce it. It is most likely talking about a random attack on the warehouse, storing toxic chemicals, not just used by the radicals, or “fake”, fabricated from the very beginning, not about the incident with chemical weapons.


3. As for the possibility of the use of sarin or other chemical in the fighting in Syria, we should be thinking about the leak (including equipment necessary for their production) from the hands of the Alliance, whose members sent him thousands of miles from Syria to southern Italy and later in USA. Such a possibility cannot be ruled out, especially given the fact that the elimination of the Syrian stockpile of warfare agents participated, in addition to experts from NATO, 35 (!) private U.S. companies.


4. It is also impossible to exclude the idea that chemicals or equipment to produce them could fall into the hands of radicals from other sources and in other ways. Significant here may be attempts to intervene in the war in Syria by Saudi Arabia and Israel. It must be emphasized that the production of chemical munitions including sarin gas, are not associated with high technology, and available necessary equipment such substances can produce any army, including the army of ISIS. In this case, it seems unlikely that ISIL has gained the appropriate equipment is out of the hands of Assad, or of Russia.


5. The main purpose of this incident is to eliminate any cost to the legitimate Syrian government headed by Bashar al-Assad and keep the military conflict in Syria, which is necessary to “restart” the military-industrial complex. Bashar al-Assad at the moment is the only real politician that is able to provide the country world. This, of course, not least in respect of the strategic territory near Russia and Israel.


6. Information from the Western media, statements and steps taken by the Western politicians and radical changes and conflicts provoked by the West, are often well coordinated and have a common denominator. They bring together the interests of international, self-proclaimed and thirst for world domination of the elite, which was formed and functions, guided by the illegal principles. What it does, and that the power which it possesses — all this destroys the foundations of democracy, thereby being a threat to peace on our planet.


7. And finally, one more point. The United States refused to sign all international treaties concerning issues of production, storage and use of chemical weapons. Here we can recall the mass murder of its own citizens in the Texas city of Waco 24 years ago, when the U.S. government used chemical weapons against sect “Branch of David”, during which about 100 people, including women and children. This is the question that former President Barack Obama said Bashar al-Assad about the “red line that must never be transgressed”.


All of our “rights of citizens to free access to information” and “freedom of speech” is that we have a choice which media will be to manipulate us. And they can manipulate our opinions on the order of someone who sells its “peacekeeping” financial, military or political plans.