Closer to the people: how to make a popular Facebook or Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki

In our new project, devoted to earnings in social networks, we’ve already told you how to become a star “Instagram” and “Facebook”. Today we’ll show you how to become popular in social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” (in previous editions, we talked about “Instagram” and “Facebook”). The best and most effective tools we have told the experts in social media marketing Svetlana Akimova and Andrey Beloborodov. The principle of operation in these social networks, despite the different audiences (VC is positioned as a youth social network, “Classmates” — as a place of communication for older people) are similar: to publish more, to use the delayed posting and do not skimp on bots.

BET ON OLD CONNECTIONS. Networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” is set to profile completeness and adequacy of open readers of information: the more interesting the information, the higher the chances that even strangers will read. However, the promoters of these social networks believe that personal branding is losing the one that you can build, for example, in FB or Instagram. “To become an opinion leader or a public special in VK and Odnoklassniki is difficult, — says Andrei Beloborodov. These social networks — community of classmates, classmates, friends in the same house, and further not evolved. And that’s even considering the fact that “sits” in them, people of two ages: children (VC) and those who are already retired, but are puzzled by the finding old friends from school, University or work (in “Classmates”). And reformatted in the direction of the business, these social networks do not seek this niche is occupied by “Facebook”.

The promoters divided the social network age.

INTEREST. However, according to experts, these social networks can be interesting business as one of the sites to promote the product — especially if the right to hold the so-called targeting and into account age peculiarities of the audience, which spends leisure time. “In the “Classmates” sitting Housewives who to cheer perceive groups from the series “recipes for every day”, “proper nutrition” weight loss “before and after”, “Hobbies and crafts”, “exercises and yoga postures”, etc., — explains Svetlana Akimova. And in the VC sits the youth that are interested in sports, movie reviews, fashion and style, clothes/shoes and so on. That is, for earnings on promotion of the groups and personal pages or “zeroing” on the blog/brand — nepahannoe field! Roughly speaking, we can’t find EN masse in “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” of office workers and white collar. And — this is debatable, as mogie Ukrainians have a profile in several social networks.”


Ways of earnings on the “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” promoters there are two: keeping a page as a store, or promote product/services on its own behalf and as a blogger. “In the first case, the master page it is advisable to keep your profile as John Smith, and create a store profile that you plan to do. Avatar is put, accordingly, are not your photo and logo (to model it on the sites that allow you to do it, or draw), advises Andrei Beloborodov. — Your photo can be placed, if it very good or even professional and definitely has something to do with what you sell (product/service). Also, it would be appropriate, if you position yourself as a blogger in some narrow subject. In personal data we need to write a short summary about what a shop or blogger specializiruetsya and what may be interesting in social networks (maybe some more comfortable ordering process or delivery, best discount, an opportunity to test a product or service, etc.). Many people make the mistake of not specifying what the public will stand out. That’s how you lose the audience and bad are in search of.


Thus, the main content on the page: information about new products and their features, events important for the niche as well as promotions and sweepstakes (very important, attracts a lot of people). Good manners are considered high-quality, professional product photos with a demonstration of it in action. “If you decide yourself to “Shine”, the information should be involved in the product/service you’re promoting, — explain the experts. — For example, selling bikes and velotour — can write about the adventure race, test drive, etc. it is Clear that in addition to personal acquaintances, your audience will be cyclists who are not too interested in what you ate today for Breakfast and behaved like your cat”.

The popularity of the public also will add a variety of news from the realm of what you are promoting (the more the better): photo albums with test drive, a demonstration of a product or service, videos (preferably to be as large as possible, then that number is your chip). Sometimes dilute the blog, or “wise quotes” or “mashinkami” (people love them), copy-paste from interesting sources. Try to provoke the friends and subscribers to discuss and answer the questions (better to leave readers the opportunity to support your feedback by mail or direct phone), but try not to touch on sensitive topics (religion, politics, race and gender is taboo). It is also desirable that the friends were other groups.

TRADE. It won’t take long to wait for friends from target audience. You need to advertise product offers in the popular community topics, which may interest the potential buyer. “You can do sneaky ads, leaving comments and participating in discussions on behalf of your page. But this method in the VC is fraught with the fact that you are banned or you won’t be able to see the information in the interested group, — says Svetlana Akimova. — Therefore I would advise you to advertise in groups of related topics. For instance, for those who follow the figure, you can advertise women’s clothing, shoes, workshops on family psychology, etc.”


The second option earnings — if you are a public and created a group from your personal profile. It’s simple: in your profile you write that you want — about yourself, for yourself and for friends. But the group will now become your store. The latter expects the promotion to the masses and selling. advertising. But remember: the appearance of the group should be laid out in detail. Some even hire to create the “appearance” of design.

SOMETHING TO READ. Lead groups should provide their audience with quality unique content, to explain all about selling products or services, and conduct timely moderation (deleting unnecessary comments and sending to the ban violators of the rules). Besides, if you are planning to advertise the group, including their personal public, filter what you post on the wall. On your personal page, there should be no swear words and vulgarity, especially if, for example, provide services of a psychologist in the group. “The number of posts per day can be up to 30, — explains Svetlana Akimova. — Subscribers will see in the ribbon, in the best case 7-10 of them (if you don’t pay for advertising). Requirement content: useful, entertaining and interesting. It can be moments, biographies of famous people linked to your business, interesting facts from history, proving the relevance of your products/services, scientific news, etc. very popular begins to use the video content (reviews, workshops, video blogs, video conferencing, etc.). But the commercials in the VC and CR should be small. Perfect gifs (animated pictures or short videos) — they often repost and layouts)”.

In the group. Demand short videos, surveys and various workshops on the topic of community.


Shop do you have on a personal profile or a created group community, it is important to prevent stagnation in business. You need to constantly work on the completion of the audience. The promotion experts suggest to use simultaneously all available means to make friends/followers/classmates. “We have said that it is necessary to provide interesting content and don’t skimp on advertising, — tells Andrei Beloborodov. — In addition, you can invite users to communicate in “your” topic. But it is important to note that all send the same message with “provocation” should not: a robot social network will detect it as spam and “ban”. You can’t send messages and invitations to join the group and too many: in the VC, for example, they can be sent only forty people. If you are to engage your audience more — it makes sense to have bots. Their task will be to write generated message that you are strangers and invite them to make friends/to subscribe/to join the group.” Another popular method is to conduct surveys, promotions and various competitions — thus increasing the involvement of users and popularity of your public. Don’t forget about prizes and gifts, but it is important that the gifts really were given to the winners — they are, by the way, is to ask to be photographed with the gift, noting the donor. “Many are using the tools cheat likes and subscribers, believing that a group with 1-2 thousands of participants it is easier to advance further than “zero,” say the promoters. But this conclusion is wrong. Advertisers, for example, typically see a “swollen” group, so the effect will be temporary”.


To become a popular blogger, you shouldn’t just give the audience good content, but to do it consistently at the same “popular” time. It is clear that not everyone has the chance to write and set posts. Therefore, those who care about promoting your product, you need to “make friends” with services that allows you to do delayed posting. “You can automatically post to a user specified time, — says Svetlana Akimova. — SMM-Manager or the owner of the page by scheduling a number of publications, can be freed to work on other instruments.”

FREE. Publish posts on a schedule free, to use regular tools. “If you work in “Vkontakte”, you can use the “Timer”, — explained Svetlana. — To do this, in edit mode notes select the option “Other”. After that, unfold menu, where there will be “timer”. Then write a note and configure when you publish, click “queue” — and your post will appear exactly at the scheduled time, even if you do not be on the Internet”.

Posts scheduled in the “Classmates” published a little differently. “In edit mode, click the notes icon next to calendar, then make a note and select the time you post and hit “save”, — says the expert on the promotion of social networks.

ADVERTISERS AND EXCHANGE. When you have everything working like a clock, you will gain popularity and climb in the Top rankings (when someone searches in the search something on your topic, you will be higher on the list) — then you will be able to search for advertisers, if they do not appeal to you. For this special exchange. “The price of advertising the post — from 100 to thousand, depending on the placement (pinned post on the day in the upper position of the group, posting multiple times, etc.), — said Svetlana Akimova. — Batch posting is usually up to 50%”.

Posts. Prepare in advance so as not to sit all the time at the computer.


Some means of external delayed posting (separate platform, not attached to the social network in which you work) allow you to publish the service interface, and send it to several social networks.

“Crossposting materials you can draw on services such as Buffer, Feedman, DoShare, SmmBox, ViralTag, Hootsuite, Postcron, NovaPress, Time2Post and other, — explained Andrei Beloborodov. — Choosing a platform, you need to pay attention to two things: what social networks she works (all your favorite sotssetey there may not be, but to be many others, you absolutely no interest) and paid or free.
For example, Feedman works with Crossposting and delayed posting of messages in networks “Classmates”, “Vkontakte”, “Twitter”, “Facebook” and “Instagram” — is working. “To work in the service need to register, go to menu “Keys” and Feedman integrate with your social media profiles, connecting them, — explained the specialists. — Further in the section “Channels” you can create profile groups and communities where you can quickly send the publication. For example, you can combine in channels, and personal profiles and business community. To create a pending post, in the section “Channels” select “New publication”. After you create it click “publish” and set the time. In the “Publications” section you can view and edit your scheduled posts, and browse the archive”.

STATISTICS. On some services delayed posting/Crossposting there are tabs, which you can use to assess the effectiveness of publications. The system allows you to track the posts by the number of retweets, adding to favorites, likes, sharing, and other metrics. But this feature may be applicable even on the free service of Crossposting.

At the same time. Post will help spetsservis.