How to choose the perfect boat for fishing and recreation

Why pleasure boat? Why inflatable, not plastic or metal? Correct answers — with a more interesting boat to relax and fish, and bouncy — is more convenient for transportation and does not require storage costs, as it in the bag. On the Dnieper river in the middle of the fishing season, and the heat pulls everyone closer to the water. So we will tell a beginner how to choose a boat, motor and accessories to it depending on the thickness of the purse. Helped us the seller one of the spetsmagazinah Kiev Serhiy Kovalets.

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“We will focus on certified boats from multi-layer PVC fabric as it is made of a thin “mattress” dangerous — may break, — says Sergey. — Choosing a boat, it is necessary to decide how many people it will usually be. One 2-meter, but for 2-4 people suitable vessel with a length of 3 m and more. The water there is a saying: “water large boats do not happen.” That is, in practice always want to be in the cockpit (inside the boat) was spacious. Therefore it is necessary to overpay 300-400 UAH, but to take “the boat” long by 20-30 cm Prices vary depending on the manufacturer and the flat-bottomed boat or keel. First cheaper: punt 2.5 m is 2.5—5 thousand UAH, 3 m — 5,8—9,5 thousand UAH. Prices for keel boats with a hard deck that can glissirovat, reaching speeds of 35-40 km/h will start from 13 th.

On the tiller. Two people comfortably in the 3-meter boat


Its value depends on the manufacturer and power. Chinese hanging almost twice cheaper than the Japanese, but “Japanese” is more reliable, and they are at times more lifespan. It is better to take 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine: it is lighter in weight, a third cheaper and safer, but consumes gasoline with 25% more, and you need to refill the fuel specmasla rate of 20 g/l Liter of oil costs 230-250 UAH.

For flat-bottomed boats, which does not reach the speed over 12km/h will be enough engine capacity of 2.5—6 HP, yeah that’s not allowed by the manufacturer. Because too powerful engine can pull the stern transom Board to which it is attached. The price of a new “Chinese” with a capacity of 2.5 power — 7,5—8 thousand UAH, 6-strong — 19-20 thousand. The engines 8-20 HP is preferable to a planing keel boats, as 1 HP displays “planing” 30 kg weight of the vessel, cargo and passengers, and low-power motor is not enough. And to overpay for a keel boat and not glissirovat on it makes no sense. But for fun raced with the wind will have to fork out: 10-horsepower 2-stroke “Chinese” cost 25 thousand UAH, 15 strong 30 thousand But even if enough money, when choosing a motor it is necessary to focus on his weight: too heavy the engine will be difficult when carrying it and install, especially alone. To understand: a 2.5-horsepower 2-stroke motor weighs 10-12 kg, and 20-horsepower 4-stroke — 50-52 kg. as for the gas tank, then motors up to 5-6 HP it built-in, and a more powerful usually comes with the engine. By the way, all boats with motors must be registered with the state service of Ukraine on safety on transport with the assignment of the license plate.


Definitely need safety vests — price from 430 UAH/PCs., wire rope for mooring 10-15 m long (10 UAH/m) and an anchor weighing 3-5 kg. Kovalets advises not to buy folding anchor, since it does not keeps the boat on course, and take the type of “Daisy”, such as in the photo, especially if the bottom is muddy. The price — from 200 UAH.

The pump comes complete

Anchor-“Daisy” is from 200 UAH


Motor — for serious fishermen: he is silent, you can quietly approach the fish places convenient for fishing predator (trolling). But to walk under it uncomfortable due to the small speed not exceeding 6 km/h. the low-power Motor, 0.5 HP, need special the traction battery that can work up to 12 hours (car will last for 30 minutes) weight 24-30 kg and a charger. Set price — to 10 thousand UAH.


After buying the first boat and the motor usually starts the “arms race” — the so-called boaters wish to buy a bigger ship, motor more powerful, or at least to tune an existing boat. The most useful accessory waterproof folding tent-tent, which can protect from rain, and from the scorching sun. The price is 2.5—3 thousand UAH, but this option is available only for expensive boats with fender — rubber strip, for which cling to the hooks of the tent. Worth to buy removable wheels (are 1200-1300 UAH/pair, are mounted to the transom Board where the engine is): with their help, one person can move on land even 3-4-metre-long boat, weighing 50-70 kg. will Add comfort inflatable chair for the passenger (850-900 UAH) instead of hard benches, two bags-lockers — bow (200-220 UAH) and fodder (UAH 250) combined with a soft grip on the bench for steering. Apotheosis — swivel “captain’s” chair with a backrest for 1100-1200 UAH.


…and aft locker bag

The chair will add comfort to the passenger


It is not necessary to overpay for expensive accessories. For example, the awning can be replaced with a couple of beach umbrellas (from 160 UAH/PCs.). Of course, from the rain umbrellas will protect bad, but from the sun — easily. Instead of bags-lockers use backpacks (from 400 UAH, used half the price) that even the novice tourist. A soft pad on the bench to replace an airbag (from 50 UAH), and inflatable chair — beach mattress (UAH 250). Transom wheel for boats are not really necessary, if you have the company of at least two men. But if you want a life hack, you can make the most of purchased in Stroymarket inflatable wheels for trucks with a diameter of 20-25 cm and scrap materials, in the end they will cost several times cheaper than purchased. Finally, instead of an anchor use any piece of iron with no sharp corners, so as not to puncture the boat cylinders, or even a rock, tying his rope for mooring.

Backpack instead of a bag

The umbrella will “tent”

It is convenient to sit