The attackers robbed the boutique in France by smashing the window balls petanque

A group of unidentified robbers failed robbery at a luxury shop in Paris, but that evening was able to make from a boutique in a nearby town clothes for 20 euros, reports the portal

The incident occurred in the night of Wednesday, but information about it hit the media later.

The thieves had intended to get to the store Givenchy in the eighth district of the French capital, breaking the window of a heavy metal balls for pétanque. However strong the glass has survived the onslaught of the robbers and they, frightened witnesses fled in a car with fake numbers.

“This same team went to the Department of Val-de-Marne, in the city of Charenton-Le-Pont”, — quotes the portal words of the police spokesman.

In this city the robbers using the same balls for petanque broke a window and got into a men’s clothing store. The amount stolen amounted to about 20 thousand euros.

To date, the police failed to arrest the robbers.