Why Ivanka

At 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Ivanka trump came out from the airport “Tegel” — well-groomed, and laid awake. A miracle she had even met the Berlin sun in the last days — we have a very scarce product.

Formally, the trump deals official visit in preparation for the G20 meeting in Hamburg in July. Forum, where she arrived, called Women20 Summit. The participation and influential ladies of Europe. For example, Chancellor Angela Merkel, head of the International monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, Dutch Queen máxima. And the assistant to the US President by the name of trump. Ivanka.

Many puzzling why President trump entrusts a most important mission of informal talks with Chancellor Merkel daughter? After all, he had surprised experts, there are much more experienced representatives — Ministers, advisers, ambassadors…

The answer is clear to everyone, who abruptly changed its destiny. Donald trump is a typical immigrant of the first generation. It just quite suddenly found himself emigrated from corporate America to politics. And these are two completely different countries!

And in this new America, Donald trump, like any emigrant, a first year, almost none truly trusted people, is reliable, loyal, proven over the years. And therefore rely it can, like all immigrants of the first generation, just for my family.

So did in America in the last century, all the new immigrants, the most striking, the Italians (Hello from the mafia), at the dawn of the business in Germany has begun and we will act so that our grandchildren, if — God forbid! — they, too, have become immigrants.

Its not betraying, its not chrysotrichum, your even wrong the pain. Of course, there are exceptions. But this rule is more often working than not working.

That’s why Ivanka to Berlin.