Fox News (US): campaign fundraising Biden quoted Mao Zedong

The presumed presidential candidate of the Democratic party Joe Biden surprised the public by repeating the words of the leader of the Chinese Communists of Mao Zedong during a digital campaign fundraiser featuring former adviser to President Obama Valerie Jarrett.

According to Edward-Isaac Dovre from “the Atlantic” discussing the economic situation of women and ways to facilitate, former Vice President quoted “old Chinese proverb”.

“We need to provide women with real economic assistance,” said Biden, noting that “women holding on his shoulders the half of the sky”.

However, the phrase “women holding on his shoulders the half of the sky” — not a proverb, and a famous saying of Mao. The Chinese leader has spoken about 70 years ago, in the beginning of his reign, proclaiming the equality of the sexes.

Biden also noted that the financial turmoil due to the outbreak of coronavirus disproportionately hit women: “for the First time the economic crisis hit the industries where women predominate”.

China during the election campaign has become a highly politicized issue, and the staffs Biden and trump accuse each other of weakness in relation to the Communist power. President trump criticized former Vice President for financial when his son hunter Biden to China, and Biden repeatedly criticized trump for the compliments to Chinese President XI Jinping, who reportedly coped with the outbreak of the coronavirus in the first few weeks.

Trump has repeatedly criticized China and the world health organization for inaction amid the outbreak before it became a global pandemic.

Reader comments

Whitey there’s been a

It seems that the head of lapses Sleepy Joe the Democrats put resale the age of Obama.


Sometimes with the Democratic party flies the mask. Recently, the thugs of the “Black lives” Antifa and married the love of Mao, and now it quotes an old senile Biden.

Burger King

So, Joe plagiarized Mao? Gee.


Hey, Joe, from Ho Chi Minh you do some wild and not in store?


Joe Biden promised that his partner will be a woman of color — and no one else. Isn’t that the dictionary definition of racism and sexism?


So Dementional Joe got into the habit of quoting the bloody commies. Well, well.


Poor Joe. Effect dementia — most likely hereditary. It’s time to start listening to the nonsense that he is. He stays in Congress for almost 60 years, but the experience did not help him. He would be unfit for the presidency even before the election.


The Democrats and China — comrades in the Communist utopia.


Socialism is a satanic disease: authoritative “Black book of communism” writes that Mao his merciless attempts to create a new socialist China, killed 65 million Chinese. Anyone who stood he on his way, destroyed — executed, left to rot in prison, or starved.


Biden is the joke that never fizzles out.


Surely his sidekick si appreciated.


For his campaign in 1988, Biden stole a speech by British labour party leader Neil Kinnock from may 15, 1987.

Joe will pull other people’s quotes until the November 2020, until you lose the gift of speech. His own thoughts had not, he chewed all advisers and speechwriters.


Completely race and gender, and nothing more. As is typical for Democrats.


This guy had half a century to make something good for people, and he is only about himself and his family, and cared for. Yes it is not going to jail!


Joe, it’s time for you to reserve a place in a nursing home!


What a crappy article from a garbage channel. Since we play these silly games, the trump once said: “Will to loot, will open fire”. This quote has been attributed to the man who plagued the black areas of police violence. I guess in a sick logic, Fox News comes out that trump — white racist.


Yes, Joe Biden does not understand what day it is, and the more which employees writes to his crib…


I can’t wait for the presidential debates. I bet they’ll think of something, but would not let him out.


Biden, take your pills and shut up!