Shushkevich spoke about the nuclear threat from Belarus

The future Belarusian nuclear power plant may pose a threat to neighbouring countries as Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, as its nuclear reactor, which was collected in Russia, can “fail.” About this in his blog on the website “GORDON” wrote the first head of independent Belarus Stanislau Shushkevich.

“Belarus is building nuclear power plants. As a physicist, I believe that Belarus needs nuclear power plant. We don’t produce so much electricity per capita, and it is well known that when a small amount of power people can not be wealthy. We have the same energy less than in developed civilized countries. And nuclear power plant for Belarus, allows to resolve this issue. But! If there is, God forbid, happens some sort of release, then all will go to Vilnius. So not how you treat neighbors,” – said Shushkevich.

He explained that a nuclear reactor is assembled in Russia, he sharply criticized, questioning the quality of work performed.

“Among other things, that the reactor, which is put on the Belarusian nuclear power plant, not tested and not verified. None of the stations in the world at that reactor still not working. Belarus becomes the area of the experiment. And it is at the borders of Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland. The reactor is this doing in Russia. And knowing the quality of Russian works, from cars to consumer goods, to hope for a good very dangerous. Carelessness of Russians under implementation including responsible work – traditional quality. On top of that and the platform under building is chosen without taking into account the views of professionals”, – said the politician.

As you know, Belarus intends to ensure its energy security and started to build a nuclear power plant. “Without nuclear power the Republic did not survive. The decision to build NPPs is not dictated by political ambitions and the need to ensure energy security of the country in terms of depletion of world oil and gas natural resources,” – said Lukashenko.