In Ternopil police stopped a drunk driver: alcohol level in his blood exceeded the norm by 15 times

In Ternopil, the patrol police stopped a taxi driver who had violated traffic rules. When dealing with the 56-year-old driver of the Chevrolet Aveo police noticed that he was drunk, according to the social network Patrol police Ternopil.

“The man agreed to be examined on the spot. The result of the Alcotest – 2,99 ppm alcohol in the blood. And this is 15 times higher than the acceptable norm”, – reported in Department.

The taxi driver was in an alcohol intoxication. Photo:Патрульна-поліція-Тернополя

In respect of the taxi driver, the patrol drew up a report under article 130 Article (Driving while intoxicated) and ruled by article 122 of the Cao (Violation of traffic rules).