The radical refusal of trump’s post-war foreign policy

We have finally got understanding of the doctrine of Donald trump. The first steps allow you to call it the most radical departure from the bipartisan US foreign policy since 1945. In a column for the Wall Street Journal the Director of the National economic Council, United States Gary Con and the national security adviser Herbert McMaster declare that trump has a clear idea of what the modern world is the arena where all compete for the advantage. Officials added: “Instead to deny the spontaneous nature of international relations, we accept it.”

But the spontaneous aspect has existed for millennia. The history of mankind is a history of competition and conflict. And US foreign policy largely reflects this feature. America has the largest military and intelligence apparatus, troops and bases in dozens of countries around the world. It’s not like the description of the country, not knowing what the political and military competition.

But in 1945, the world changed. After two wars, which killed tens of millions of people, after the physical devastation of much of Europe and Asia, the United States tried to build a new international system. Was established institutions, rules and norms that encourage the peaceful resolution of differences through negotiations and not war. System was established, when world trade and Commerce led to the prosperity of all. Was created control mechanisms to those global challenges which no single country could not solve.

The system worked imperfectly. The Soviet Union and its partners initially rejected most of these ideas. Many developing countries have adopted a system only partially. But Western Europe, Canada and the United States have really become an amazing area of the world, the area of economic, political and military cooperation. Of course, between them there was competition, but it was ruled peacefully.

The result is a collective term for the West, which became a miracle. Europe, escaped from centuries of natural character of international competition, began to compete only in creating better jobs and economic growth, not in the annexation and subjection of peoples.

All these years of peace continued to grow, first to include Japan and South Korea, and then several Latin American countries. This zone has always been conflicts and contradictions with the Soviet bloc in the traditional geopolitical sense. But in 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed, and the international community began to gravitate to this open international order.

The engine system has always been the United States, trying to create something similar after the First world war, but failed. When there is the end of world war II, President Franklin Roosevelt, having studied the mistakes of the past, proposed a new set of ideas. This time it worked.

Since then, every President, regardless of party affiliation, recognize that the United States has managed to create something unique that helped to escape from the natural era of international conflicts. Over the past 25 years this idea has United hundreds of millions of people from Mexico to Ukraine wanting to be part of this liberal — i.e. free — world order.

From the beginning of his political career, trump seemed to have not even heard about this story and did not know about these achievements. He consistently neglects the closest allies of the United States. He admiringly speaks of the power of such rulers as Vladimir Putin, XI Jinping, Abdul-Fattah Al-Sissi and Rodrigo Duterte, but criticized the democratic leaders of Europe.

The implication of this position trump it is difficult to foresee. His actions can lead to slow breakdown of the liberal international order. Or become the harbinger of a new sunrise — led by China and India, Champions of mercantilism and nationalism. Another option: actions trump will strengthen the existing order, reviving Europe. He’s already managed to unite the continental European countries as could not even Putin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Europe should take its fate into its own hands. That week she had meetings with the Prime Minister of India and Premier of the state Council of the PRC. The President of France Emmanuel macron came to the defense of the interests and values of the West face to face with Putin. It would have done so in the past, the President of the United States.

Actions trump will not lead to the collapse of the Western world, but we can put an end to the Central role of the United States in it.