Than American retirees differ from Ukrainian

The average pension in the US is 20 times higher than Ukrainian. While Americans pay into the pension Fund only 15% of their salary, the size of social payment for Ukrainians, 22%. However, in October the Ukrainians promise to “modernize” payment of on average 400 USD.

The average pension in the US – $ 1,500. This amount is sufficient for a comfortable life in nearly all U.S. States, provided you do not need to repay the mortgage or rent housing. For pensions requires at least 10 years to defer 15% of salary. From 1935 here is the Law on social security, signed by Franklin Roosevelt (Social Security Act).

The tax code allows Americans to contribute to their personal pension accounts part of the salary before tax to income tax. The country has a solidarity and accumulative pillar of the pension system.

The government says that the retirement age for Americans will gradually increase to 70 years. Now for a full pension you need to work to 65 years, however, U.S. citizens have the right to retire early, however, in this case the payout will be less.

For the average pension can rent an apartment in almost any city, by 2380 kg of sugar. In addition, even retirees can apply for a loan to purchase a house for 15-30 years with interest rate from 2.8 to 5% per annum. For example, in Ukraine the interest rate on the loans at approximately eight to ten times more.

The average pension in Ukraine is less than two thousand hryvnia, and the minimum in may reach 1313 UAH. This amount can eat modestly for a month. Retirees can afford once a day to buy bread, chicken legs and a few times a week cheap cereals and pasta. But personal hygiene remains very tight budget, expensive shampoos, toothpastes with such a pension is not affordable. Besides, even retirees with a subsidy you have to spend money on utilities and travel. The minimum pension will also be enough for exactly 12 trips to the cinema (though it will have to starve, and in a cinema of walking). Also, the minimum pension will be enough to purchase $ 45.

For the average Ukrainian pension you can buy 135 pounds of sugar, to rent a Studio apartment in the regional center (in addition to the Dnipro, Odessa and Lvov – it is more expensive) or pay 290 cubic meters of gas.