In the NEB stated that it did not prepare a new suspect to Nasirov

The National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) does not confirm information of lawyers of the head of the State fiscal service of the Roman Nasirov about the alleged impending new suspicion against him, since Sunday night is the deadline of detention and a preventive measure.

“We don’t confirm this information”, – reported in a press-service of NABOO.

The detectives NAB 2 on the evening of March declared suspicion in Commission of crime the head of GFS R. Nasirova and carried out his detention in hospital “Feofania”. He is suspected of committing a crime under part 2 St. 364 (abuse of official position, entailed heavy consequences) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Sunday Solomensky court failed to elect Nasirova measure. As the press-Secretary of the Solomenskiy district court of Yana Kvitchenko, the petition of lawyers for disqualification of a judge of the solomiansky district court of Kyiv Alexander Bobrivnyk will be considered on Monday, March 6.

The National anti-corruption Bureau said: “the Detectives NAB and prosecutors SAP remain in court or before the resumption of the proceedings and of satisfaction of the petition for election measures of restraint, or prior to the expiration of the period of detention, which expires today at 23.00”.

In the NAB noted that while consideration of the petition for election of a preventive measure the court is obliged to ensure the availability of another judge in the case of the statement of the petitions for disqualification of the judge who hears the case. However, instead of additional judges in the court came to the press-Secretary of the institution, who told reporters about the postponement on Monday.

Thus, in the NEB does not confirm information about the postponement of the meeting on Monday – “the official decision on the postponement of the trial, indicating the date and time to which adjourned, representatives from NABU and SAP still have not received.

In the NEB expressed the hope that in the Solomensky district court of Kiev the decision on election of a measure of restraint against Nasirov will take on Sunday.