Lavrov commented on the transfer of NATO troops to Poland and Baltics

In Russia consider increasing the presence of NATO troops close to its borders provocative actions that would be destabilizing. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in interview to the newspaper “Izvestia”.

He believes that NATO, reinforcing its Eastern flank, provokes Russia.

“Carried out by the Alliance’s actions in areas adjacent to Russian borders regions, of course, are provocative and destabilizing. It mentioned the deployment of additional military contingents of the bloc in Poland and the Baltic States – and there have been discussions about the same features as the presence of allies in other countries of Eastern Europe, particularly in Bulgaria and Romania”, – said Lavrov.

He also noted that military exercises of NATO near the borders with Russia and the construction of new military infrastructure is not conducive to the normalization of relations between the Alliance and Russia.

In addition, as the Minister said, Moscow is concerned about the growing American forces to Russia’s neighbors – Poland and Baltic countries.

“Of particular concern is the ongoing construction of the US missile defense in Europe, a true anti-Russian orientation which we have never been in doubt. Thus, taken in NATO, “old new” policy of containment of Russia, including unilateral decision on the complete freezing of practical cooperation with the us in civil and military lines, leads to distrust and undermine the existing balance of power on the European continent”, – said Lavrov.

Recall, January 9, Poland has deployed a large echelon of U.S. military equipment, including hundreds of tanks, self-propelled howitzers and soldiers. The Alliance decided to strengthen its Eastern flank due to coming from Russian threats.

On 7 February it became known about the transfer to Estonia of personnel and military equipment of the Americans. Among the Baltic States has delivered tanks M1A2 Abrams.