Trump has threatened to close the social network: what happened

Social networks have completely drown out the voices of conservatives, says the President of the United States

In the United States can close the social network. About this Twitter wrote the President of the United States Donald trump, who has previously said that Twitter is interfering in American elections.

“Republicans feel that social networks have completely outnumbered by conservatives. We can’t let this happen, we will strictly regulate their activities or close them. We saw what they tried to do in 2016 (presidential elections. – Ed.) but then they failed. We can’t afford to have something like, although in more sophisticated form, it happened again,” said trump.

Earlier on some recordings trump on Twitter appeared mark, warning readers that the information contained in the record may be inaccurate and require further verification.

In particular, the US President wrote in the social network that the Democrats, organizing postal voting, trying to create conditions for fraud in the election.

We will note, according to a recent survey, the main democratic candidate Joe Biden is ahead of incumbent Republican Donald trump 5%.

Meanwhile, the United States remain the leader in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus.