How to earn in Switzerland programmers?

SwissInfo recently published material about salaries in Switzerland has caused many puzzled: is it really the software developers in Switzerland get compared to other professions is very modest?

We checked and found out that, according to the Ministry of labour and employment of the Canton of Zurich, a graduate computer scientists and software developers — and this is one of the most popular in our time professions get, on average, a salary of $ 4 608 Swiss francs, or about 230 thousand rubles per month for a 42-hour week.

Those who received a bachelor’s degree (the equivalent of “incomplete higher education” in Russia), earn more — 5 446 francs a month. For comparison, a bus driver in Zurich with no work experience gets 4 858 francs a month for a 40.5-hour week.

This position adequately reflects really existing on the labour market situation. This convinced Laurent Mayer (Laurent Meyer), Dean and one of the founders of the Zurich scientific-practical “Academy of introduction of knowledge” (“Propulsion Academy”), which, in particular, offers educational courses in the field of programming. According to L. Meyer, wages reflected in the report of the cantonal Ministry of labour, is designed for young or novice programmers on the market a lot.

“Demand and receive above average computer scientists and programmers with experience, but to be so, you have some time to be a beginner,” he says. Business Junior programmers tend to quickly climb the mountain after being hired for a permanent job. Those who can finish the Higher technical school of Zurich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich or ETH) — about 40% of its graduates go to work in the nearby Swiss office of Google — earn over 80 thousand francs a year, more than 6 thousand per month in the first year of work, which is pretty good even by Swiss standards.

Of course, if we consider the salaries in Switzerland, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of living in the country is one of the highest in the world. The average cost of a hypothetical middle-class family, which has 1.5 children, be 9 375 francs per month, with income 10 201 franc per month.