Ukraine has launched a “Nobel prize” for teachers

In Ukraine begins accepting applications for the prize Global Teacher Prize of Ukraine, Ukrainian stage of the world famous prize with a prize pool of $ 1 million. To nominate your teacher call on all Ukrainians.

Worldwide Global Teacher Prize know as the “Nobel prize” for teachers. Founded her Arab billionaire Sunny varkey in 2014. The award is given for outstanding contribution to the profession of a teacher is $ 1,000,000. In 2015, the best teacher on the planet recognized American Nancy Atwell, who offered to teach the children literature in the form of workshops on reading and writing. In 2016, a million received a refugee from Palestine Hanan al-Harub that specializiruetsya on teaching children traumatized by violence. And in 2017, the winner was Maggie McDonnell who fought with the problem of suicide among teenagers in a remote settlement in Northern Canada.

The Ukrainian stage of the contest initiated by the public organization “Osmeteria”. The goal of a nationwide contest to promote innovative approaches in education, but also to raise the prestige of the teaching profession. The winner of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine will receive UAH 100 thousand, a year of free training, registration on world award and a trip to Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai in 2018, where he will call the name of the best teacher in the world.

“According to research, 82% of Ukrainian teachers not satisfied with their social status, and 60% consider it an important problem to reduce the social status of teachers. This problem exists all over the world. Almost the only country where the teaching profession is prestigious equivalent to the profession of doctor, is a Korea — says the head of “Ospitali” and organizer of the project Global Teacher Prize Ukraine Zoya Lytvyn. For Ukrainian realities the motto of the world awards — “Teachers matter” — is very relevant. We believe that the competition will become an effective tool of promotion of our progressive teachers who are keeping pace with the times and implement the latest practices. Because education is the most profitable investment in society.”

To nominate teachers for the award can be anyone — his colleagues, pupils or parents. This can be done on the website of the award. The teacher also can apply for the award, you need to fill the online application form. Accepting applications for the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine will last until August 15. The town or village where the running candidate for the title of best teacher of the country, and discipline that it teaches, is irrelevant. The only condition: the teacher should work directly with students and conduct lessons in school.

First the jury, composed of experts in the field of education, opinion leaders and other professionals, will select the TOP 20 teachers. After a comprehensive assessment and the extended interview in September will determine the five finalists, and on the Day the teacher will call the winner.

It is interesting that Ukraine has already reached the TOP 50 Global Teacher Prize: the prize was nominated Dudycz Anna, English teacher of one of the gymnasiums in Kropyvnyts’ke — together with her students she experiments in the classroom using smartphones and Google Class, holds international video-conference in the classroom.

“Local educators are not motivated, — said Anna Dudich. — To implement the latest approaches, require additional time and effort. Therefore, most teachers continue to teach, relying on outdated methods. But if you don’t it will be interesting to the teacher, then why should it be interesting for children? Global Teacher Prize Ukraine opens before the Ukrainian teachers new opportunities and shows how important it is to initiate the creative process, not afraid of modern technology. In the end, it will improve the level of knowledge of children and increase the respect of society for our profession”.

The award is supported by the Ministry of education of Ukraine. “I believe that among the Ukrainian teachers have a creative personality — believes Minister of education Lilia Grinevich. — So everybody is invited to take part in the competition Global Teacher Prize Ukraine. We are now working on the creation of a New Ukrainian school. The teacher, his work, his involvement in the reform are the most important. That is why we hope that the competition will find real agents of change — those teachers who today use modern methods of teaching”.