How to look slimmer than you really are

We offer you 8 ways to visually appear slimmer than you really are.

1. A black turtleneck. But let them tight it will have only throat. This thing better hide the incipient tummy and sides. It’s just a uniform, every second visitor of fashion shows (not all of them are in fact thin people). Summer shirts to replace the shirt for boyfriend. Only do not fill it in jeans or pants, and may it be solid or in thin vertical stripes, writes

2. The right makeup. To reduce sebastasti, increase high cheekbones. Highlight cheekbones with blush beige-saharnoy gamma (draw on the cheek as a comma), walk on top of the highlighter. Pink is not worth taking, even if you have very light skin: they refresh, but not huzhu. The second step is to emphasize the eyes. Do not choose too dark a shade, so lost eye color and if you move the lower eyelids, eyes will appear less (more cheek). To accentuate the lip is that if you don’t have a double chin. Don’t forget about the eyebrows: correctly selected shape and width also huzhu face.

3. Bangs. Straight, long, almost to his eyes. Yes, she Hadit. And young, too.

If you have long hair and an oval/triangular face shape – experiment with high hairstyles on the basis of the beams. They effectively pulled a face. If a round face is better, on the contrary, wear your hair down, but not to clean their ears.

4. Between pants and skirts choose skirts. Your style – a-line not too broad or bell. Length – to the knee. And medium density materials. Not too thin (will highlight the curves of the body while walking) and not too thick (visually add volume).

5. The spanx. Start with the purchase of multifunctional items – bodysuit with shorts-shorts. Such models have almost every lingerie brand. Importantly, the material was quite dense, and the model without noticeable seams. Slimming tights is also an option. These can be found not only famous brands but also on sites with products for… pregnant. Tights for expectant mothers slim the thighs and calves without the slightest harm, but only benefit the swelling and prevent the appearance of spider veins.

6. A wide heel. The thicker the heel, the slimmer your legs appear. The thinner the heel, the calf, on the contrary, larger.

7. Proper staining. “Flat” coloring in one tone accentuates all your proportions. Different types of dyeing and Katusha, that is glare in the hair, draws attention to the face, not the body, plus rejuvenate, refresh and give the hair extra volume.

8. Tan. Brown body, always seems a little slimmer. But extreme roasting in the sun to anything (dangerous). But quality self-tanning products should be your choice. Better just lie down and natural look of the vehicle with gradual effect. For the most natural result is to mix the Tanner with a regular body cream.