The investigation of “Russian intervention” in Congress: how things work?

Numerous investigations about the intervention of Russia in election campaign of 2016, held in the committees of the Congress, will continue this week after the return of Congress from vacation. That’s how things are and what to expect in the coming days.

The house Committee on intelligence

The members of the house Committee on intelligence hope to get back to work after the Chairman Devin Nunes (Devin Nunes) against the background of complaints on ethical issues recused himself and refused to participate in the ongoing Committee investigation into the intervention of Russia. Group work for investigation of “Russian Affairs” now led by Texas Republican Mike Conaway (Mike Conaway), announced Friday that he was invited to a private meeting, scheduled for the second may, FBI Director James Komi (James Comey) and Admiral Mike Rogers (Mike Rogers). The Committee also was invited to speak at a public hearing on the second of may after the former Director of National intelligence James Clapper (James Clapper), former CIA Director John Brennan (John Brennan) and former Deputy attorney General Sally Yates (Yates Sally). Previously, núñez was canceled a public hearing with the participation of these three former officials that his colleague, the Democrat from California Adam Schiff (Adam Schiff) immediately denounced, calling the decision politically motivated.

What to expect this week: members and staff of the Committee are currently engaged in reviewing the documents in the headquarters of the national security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland. They act in connection with the requests filed by a former national security adviser Susan rice (Susan Rice) with the aim to “expose” certain officers from among the members of the electoral headquarters of the tramp caught in the field of security services in the process of observation-foreigners.

The Senate Committee on intelligence

The Senate Committee on intelligence is still interviewing analysts involved in in 2016 with a report of the intelligence community of Russian interference in the election, which was compiled on behalf of President Obama. After completion of these interviews (which may take several months, given the amount of materials that they study), the Committee, according to a senior member of the Committee, Democrat from Virginia Mark Warner (Mark Warner), and then hear statements by high-ranking officials from the team of trump, who had contacts with Russian officials. Including the President-in-law Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner).

“We must first ensure that we have all the information to know what questions to ask”, he said. As for timing, Warner said that he and Chairman Richard Burr (Richard Burr), the Senator from North Carolina may conclude its investigation only after the August parliamentary recess. Warner also does not exclude that in the framework of the investigation will be interviewed and rice, however, according to him, no evidence that rice committed any reprehensible acts, he does not have.

What to expect this week: as expected, the staff Committee will continue its exit interviews with analysts of the security services. At its plenary meetings, the Committee also plans to hold two weekly closed hearing, during which it will receive new data on all intelligence issues, and on Wednesday the Committee will hold a hearing on the approval of the General counsel of the CIA.

The house Committee on oversight and government reform

The Chairman of the Committee, a Republican from Utah, Jason Chaffetz (Jason Chaffetz) has stated that it intends to investigate possible leaks of classified information about trump contacts with Russia, caught in the disposal of journalists, and is currently investigating business relations Mike Flynn (Mike Flynn) in Russia. The Committee is investigating the question of money, which the former Advisor to the President of the trump national security received from foreign States, and also examines the Protocol of security at the Mar-a-Lago and various issues concerning the company’s Trump Organization.

What to expect this week: hearing before the Committee on the “Russian case” is not scheduled. Instead, the Committee will be engaged in other issues, for example, “the unintended consequences of the Law on tax reporting on foreign Bank accounts”. The Committee also finds in the company of the Trump Organization, how it plans to transfer on a grant basis the proceeds of payments received from foreign governments, the U.S. Treasury Department that could affect Russia, but only indirectly.

Lindsey Graham, and the Subcommittee on crime and terrorism of the Senate judiciary Committee

Senators — the Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham) and a Democrat from the state of Rhode island Sheldon Whitehouse (Sheldon Whitehouse), the Chairman and top Democrat on the Subcommittee on crime and terrorism of the Senate judiciary Committee is investigating Russia’s actions, undertaken with the aim to influence democratic elections in the United States and abroad. In early March they met with Comey and plan to announce the date for the second hearing and to make a report to the Committee in the next few weeks.

What to expect this week: we are waiting for when the Committee will announce the upcoming hearing.