“Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live”

Vladimir Lenin simply does not allow to be buried. On Thursday the government party “United Russia” (ER) has withdrawn its support for the draft law providing for the removal of the mummy of the leader of the revolution from the Mausoleum on red square in Moscow. Just a few hours before the project was made together with the deputies of the national-populist of the liberal Democrats. But the EP immediately distanced themselves from this law.

The Communists reacted violently. The head of the party Gennady Zyuganov yesterday has demanded from the Russian security Council to ensure that Lenin will ever take from this place.

Vladimir Lenin, the author of the Bolshevik October revolution of 1917 and founder of the Soviet Union, is still venerated by the faithful Communists as a figure of enormous values outside the bounds of normal life. “Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live” reads one of the slogans dedicated to the most successful professional revolutionary of the world history, who today would have celebrated its 147th birthday. Even under Boris Yeltsin, there had been attempts to bring the embalmed corpse of Lenin from the Mausoleum. They broke the strong resistance of the Communists and their supporters, consisting mostly of retirees.

But since in the person of Vladimir Putin, Russia got a head suitable for a cult of personality, Lenin continues to lie in its marble mausoleum is also quieter. Shrunken body in a black suit with a rather large head, who are almost exclusively tourists from China. “Lenin’s body is not a symbol of the era or national unity” — is quite the exact wording of the new draft law. The preservation of Lenin, according to the liberal Democrats, which annually costs the taxpayer a quarter of a million euros.

In the picture the official history of the Lenin way or another is not the Central figure. In the center of this picture is now a heroic victory in the Second world war, 20 years after the death of Lenin. Father of victory is considered Joseph Stalin, despite the mass terror against their own people. Vladimir Putin, lauded Stalin as “effective Manager” several times vigorously criticized his former Bolshevik boss Lenin. So, in 2016, Putin said that Lenin had planted a nuclear bomb under the building, which is called Russia.

He blamed this revolutionary and his comrades that they betrayed Russia and stole her victory in the First world war. Indeed, Lenin’s trip from Switzerland by train to Finland, which at that time was part of Russia, organized by the chief military opponent of German.

Today, many Russians consider it proved that the Bolsheviks were paid agents of the German military command. But when Lenin, in April 1917, arrived in St. Petersburg, the revolution was already in full swing, the front part started to decompose. “Tsarist Russia without war and Lenin was a victim of its own social contradictions,” says historian Boris kolonitskii of the EP. “Revolution was inevitable”.

But the revolution and the revolutionaries are not suitable for a historical picture of Russia. Lenin and his bloody orders would like to forget. Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church Hilarion said that Lenin’s funeral was late for a quarter of a century. Meanwhile, according to a poll conducted by VTSIOM, 63% of Russians are in favour of Lenin’s funeral.