TOP 10 best products of the Shanghai motor show

Until 28 April in Shanghai continues the largest motor show in Asia. It is held every two years, alternating with the Beijing auto show.

Mercedes-Benz S-class

The flagship of Daimler refreshed. Significant changes in appearance did not happen: the bumpers and headlights in headlights appeared three led strips. Three twin horizontal slats on the radiator grille indicate the six – and eight-cylinder standard version, the long wheelbase version and the 12-cylinder engine also appear some vertical chrome strips.

More changes to the trim levels. So different versions of the model appeared inline gasoline and diesel engines of the “six” of the new modular family chetyrehlitrovy “byturbulence” and 48-volt on-Board network, the new assistant driver. Suspension Magic Body Control improved: stereo camera scans the road more carefully, even in the twilight, added Curve — tilting inside rotation angle to 2.65 degrees.

Added active assistant emergency stop, which reduces vehicle speed down to zero in its lane if it detects that the driver no longer controls, and includes emergency gang. Assistant of the retaining strip first warns the driver of unintentional approximation to the vibration markings on the rim, and if he reacts, then corrects the trajectory of the car with light braking on one side

Two displays on the front panel (with screens at 12.3 inches) has been removed under common glass. In the Central display the driver and passenger can display different pictures.

Volkswagen GTE Phideon

The flagship sedan, the Volkswagen brand received a hybrid version. Its powerplant is the same as that of a fellow group – the Audi A6L E-Tron. At its core is a petrol “turboservice” 2.0 l (211 HP, 350 N•m), which is combined with automatic transmission, and a motor (124 HP, 220 N•m). The total output of the system is 245 HP and 500 N•m. Average fuel consumption is 2.3 l/100 km. Charge lithium battery with a capacity of 14.1 kWh, enough for 50 km “electric” run on the combined cycle and the total nominal cruising range — 850 km. Drive forward.

The wheelbase of the car (301 cm) and overall length (5.07 m) has not changed. Outwardly the hybrid version differs from the usual front bumper, which has C-shaped led running lights, and nameplate on the trunk lid.


This long-wheelbase version of the five new generation lighter its predecessor at 130 kg, but larger than it. The wheelbase is now 311 cm, and overall length of 5.07 m Width (1,87 m) and height (1.48 m) has not changed.

The model will be available in two versions: the Luxury Line and M Sport Package. The second option available here for the first time. In base it is equipped with three-zone climate control, and the surcharge ― four. As options are also available 1400-watt sound system Bowers & Wilkins Diamond with 16 speakers with backlight and 10-channel amplifier.
Second row seat has got electrically adjustable with buttons on the centre armrest. It is integrated touch screen, with which you can control various functions, including access to the Internet. The backs of the front seats installed ten screens.

The base version will be 525Li with two-liter turbo engine. The most expensive option 540Li with three-liter row “six” with two turbochargers.
The model will be produced at the plant of the joint venture BMW Brilliance in Shenyang.

Lexus NX

In the process of updating this crossover designers reworked the upper part of the grille and front bumper, fog separated from the intakes using the new adaptive headlights. Engineers worked on tuning the chassis for improved handling and smoothness-replaced springs, stabilizers, shock absorbers.

As an option on all versions will now be available adaptive suspension AVS, previously offered only in top-end F Sport. Installed a new set of active safety systems with radar and sonar, increased the protection of the interior from noise and vibration. The Central display has increased from seven to ten inches.

States that modifications NX 200t is no longer – it has been renamed the NX 300. From the letter “t” indicating the presence of turbo, soon to get rid of other options, since such motors are used increasingly, and in particular the designation are no longer needed.

Kia K2 Cross

The hatchback in all-terrain performance is essentially a variation of the model Kia Rio (referred to as K2 in some markets) in the same body. To get went off the beaten path: increased by 45 mm ground clearance, added around body kit of unpainted plastic, put on the roof rails (they are already in the basic configuration), and under the front bumper – imitation metal protection.

Because of the body kit passport size car rose slightly. But the drive only the front left, has not changed and engines: 1.4 l (100 HP, 132 nm) and 1.6 l (123 HP, 151 N•m), aggregated with six-step “mechanics” or “automatic”.

Foton Gratour

In Ukraine, this Chinese manufacturer is known mainly for its trucks, but its range includes passenger cars and vans. Some of them may be in Ukraine, for example, van Gratour. Its feature is that at a constant wheel base (276 cm) can be several variants of the body length: the version of im6 (4.7 m), im8 (4,73 m) ix5 (of 4.51 m) and ix7 (of 4.52 m). Options have different optics, bumpers, wheel arches, number of seats (five to seven), decorated front panel, centre console and tunnel. Options with index ix have all terrain plastic kit, but drive everywhere and only the front.

In Junior trim Gratour petrol engine of 1.5 liter, 116 HP and 150 nm and five-speed “mechanics”. In the top version — forced version of the same engine at 150 HP paired with a CVT, dynamic stabilization, electric Parking brake, the system of assistance in moving uphill, sat NAV, climate control.

Nio ES8

Beginner Chinese manufacturer of Nio, more recently called NextEV, shows a seven-seat electric SUV ES8. Mass production promise to begin by the end of this year, while sales scheduled for 2018 Model can be considered a competitor to Tesla Model X. the all-wheel drive car has electric motors on both axles, equipped with active suspension. Provides hot swap batteries. Chassis and body made entirely from aluminium.

Crossover refers to the full-size segment, its length — 4.98 m, and the wheelbase is 300 cm.

In the interior everything is organized around the two displays: the digital instrument cluster and Central screen. On top of the front panel mounted digital companion Nomi with artificial intelligence.

Citroen C5 Aircross

Promised that the new crossover will enter the Chinese market in October. The European version will be available in the second half of 2018. In China, the C5 will be two petrol 1.6 l engine, developing 165 and 200 HP Last used in hybrid PHEV all-wheel drive version of the e-AWD, along with two electric motors. The total capacity of this installation is 300 HP

C5 Aircross is built on a modular platform EMP2. On all sizes it is smaller than and the platform of the Peugeot 5008. Length — 4,5 m, width — 1.84 m, height — 1.6 m wheelbase 273 cm

The five-seater salon. The instrument panel is a display with a diagonal of 12.3 inches. The center features an eight-inch touch screen.

Media center supports Apple CarPlay and include navigation with 3D maps. Provides inductive charging for smartphones.

Of safety systems is the adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, monitoring the layout and dead zones, camera circular review. When driving off-road with the driver’s assistant will be the Grip Control system with the modes “standard”, “sand” “impassability” “snow”.

Hyundai ix35

In China this year will start sales of crossover Hyundai ix35 new generation. The car pretty much changed outwardly, became more brutal and a little grown up: now length 4.44 m (plus 2 cm), width – 1.85 m (3 cm). The platform remains the same, but its upgraded multi-link rear suspension taken from the current model of the ix25/Creta.

Two engines: forced 1.4 T-GDI (140 HP) and 2.0 atmospheric (160 HP), which will work in conjunction with double clutch seven-speed “robot”.

The list of equipment includes a Keyless entry system in salon, Parking radars front and rear, rear view camera.

Skoda Vision E

Externally, this concept of the electric vehicle differs from traditional models. He belted the led strips used matrix led headlights, no traditional lattice (it does not need the electric car) and side mirrors (instead of camera). No b-pillar and the rear door opens against the direction of the actuator.

Two electric motors together give 306 HP is more than any of the current production models of Skoda. Charge lithium-ion batteries enough for 500 km. Maximum speed 180 km/h Drive front or rear wheels is activated dependent on a series of parameters, ensuring maximum stability, dynamics and safety.

Machine length — 4,7 m, width — 1,92 m, height 1.59 m, a wheelbase of 285 cm In the salon four chairs. They all turn 20 degrees to the side doors for ease of entry and exit. The front three riders of the display at the rear two.

The concept implemented three out of five principles of Autonomous driving. When you turn on the autopilot driver’s seat is removed, the wheel rises.

The car can move in traffic and on the highway, making overtaking and other maneuvers. It is also able to find a place to Park and return from the Parking lot to the owner. In the result of self-training may assist a person to find an inductive charging station, which will replenish his energy up to 80% in just half an hour.