If you play with fire in the Donbass, blaze all Ukraine

In the background, like Donald trump, apparently, decided to fulfil a campaign promise and held a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, Ukraine continues to race toward the abyss with suicidal zeal.

Ukraine continues the tactics of escalating provocations in the quest to make the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s Republic to make a mistake. To this end, it is the second time in a week used rocket systems “Grad”, which was pre-announced to the front line.

20 Jan under fire appeared in the Northern peripheries of Donetsk to the East of the village of Spartak. Friday night under the sight of the heavy weapons hit the army positions DNR from the airport. Within 24 hours the number of shots exceeded 800, and in total for a week it was 5 956.

With an average a score of 850 rounds per day, the Ukrainian army is coming to the end of November 2016, and soon, probably, will reach the figures of December 2016 (the most intensive attacks during the year). Thus, in 2017 while that does not Bode well in terms of implementation of the Minsk agreements and other signed contracts of Kiev.

In particular, the Ukrainian authorities refuse to take units of more than 1.5 kilometers from Donetsk water treatment plant, although this requires a signed by them in March 2016 agreement. The presence of Ukrainian troops in such close proximity to the station is a new war crime and threatens the environmental and health disaster in the case if the shots hurt stored on site chemicals (like chlorine).

On the morning of 28 January, the Ukrainian army opened fire on the South of the DNI, three hours shelling the village of Sahanka.

LNR, the Ukrainian military again fired from mortars and anti-tank guns the city of Kirovsk and Bryanka. Two civilians were injured and many buildings were destroyed.

Can not break the deadlock and work in the other direction of the Minsk agreements, the exchange of prisoners. Kyiv once again postponed the exchange of which is to be held according to the principle “all for all”, under new false pretenses, thereby violating the existing agreements.

Ukraine as you can, stalling and demonstrates the disgusting dishonesty in the performance she signed the same agreements. This tells us that the Ukrainian authorities do not want a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbass and the resumption of war.

This may create for Kiev more problems than they solve, despite the fact that state propaganda bursting at the seams, as can be seen from a recent TV program in which the resident of Kharkov on the phone with a lead on the Russian “aggressor”:

“You often say “aggressor”, and I wonder why the aggressor in the Crimea cares about our Ukrainian much better? Their pension is higher than my four times, medicine is free, gas is much cheaper and so on. It turns out, who is the aggressor then?”

When he tried to exchange the apartment for housing in the Crimea, hoping to find who want to leave Ukrainian patriots, it was found that no breaks from the Crimea to Ukraine:

“Like, there are patriots who would have gone — I began to show a finger to his temple, no one there to Ukraine doesn’t want”.

Now, when it becomes increasingly clear that Ukraine seeks to resume large-scale military action to deal with the conflict in the Donbas by military means, securing thereby the division of the country, more and more voices in Russia’s urge to expand relations with the Donbas and to facilitate its integration into the Russian Federation.

A year ago, Russia rejected a proposal to present to the residents of Donbas of Russian passports, in order not thereby violate the Minsk agreement. As a result, both republics had to issue their own passports. Anyway, today, this idea attracts more and more supporters.

In November 2016 Duma Deputy Sergei Shargunov has proposed to work with the Ministry of foreign Affairs for granting Russian passports to those wishing that the residents of Donbas. Now another MP urges foreign Minister to change the rules for the issuance of these securities.

The head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov said the issue obstacle for obtaining Russian passports to the residents of Donbas need to give up Ukrainian citizenship and to provide a certificate. But who will deliver? Certainly not Kiev.

MP proposes to amend legislation and procedures to make possible the issuance of Russian passports to residents of Donbass. So Russia will be able to confirm its continued support for these people and give them documents that allow them to travel and study abroad (passport, DNI and LC are recognized only by Russia and independent republics like South Ossetia).

Persisting in warlike logic, Kiev is only increasingly thicken the clouds over Ukraine. Now, as I write these lines, under fire from its airport, Spartacus and peripherals Yasinovataya. There was an explosion in the center of Donetsk. A prelude to another night of fear, hosted by the Ukrainian army civilians of the Donbass, where she allegedly came to “liberate”.